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Here we offer serious protection for your hoses, cables, wires and pipes from heavy duty vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Non-conductive, lightweight, flexible polyurethane cord cover features a single extra-wide channel that's great for protecting thicker hoses and cables from indoor and outdoor traffic.
Designed specifically to ADA standards, these low-profile cord covers provide safe, high-traction crossing points for pedestrians and wheelchair users alike, over ground-level cables and hoses.
Button-down lids and a lighter-weight design than many competitors' products make this cover and easy-to-transport cable protection system for both indoor and outdoor use.
The lowest-profile multi-channel cable protector on the market, this heavy duty polyurethane cover protects cables and hose while providing safe, ADA-compliant crossing points.
The Grip Guard is 72% lighter than the average cable cover and contains easy grip handles, making it great for mobile applications.

Thanks to a patented 5-bar tread surface and molded-in safety symbols, it provides a safe crossing over cables and hoses for pedestrians, as well as vehicle traffic up to 21,000 lbs per axle. Perfect for applications where only short runs of ADA-compliant cable protection are needed, these 18" heavy duty cable protectors are easy to handle and store.
Designed to change and grow with your needs, the Yellow Jacket® Advanced Modular System offers a variety of cable protector sections that can be added and removed to create customized protection. Bridge gaps between cable protectors, it not only joins parallel cord cover runs, but also transforms the space between them into two additional cable channels. Ideal for fire departments, municipalities and construction sites, these heavy duty cable and hose bridges allow large vehicles to easily pass over cables, hoses and pipe without causing damage. A more affordable version of the GP-5 to protect valuable electrical cables and hose lines from vehicle and foot traffic.

Convenient & excellent cable protection against pedestrian and low-speed vehicle traffic.
Protects hoses and cables against traffic at festivals, conventions, and construction sites. Offers a variety of cable protector sections that can be added and removed to create customized protection for an unlimited number of cables.

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