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But, here is the real piece of information – if the mole problem is not handled, they may quickly colonize and move about through the adjacent areas with ease. To be able to get rid of moles in yard, trapping seems to be the most effective among other methods of mole extermination.
It is vital to find active (or permanent) or deeper tunnels, since they are constantly used by moles during the day. You can practise trapping moles any time of year, but it has been noted that both early fall and spring are the best time for trapping them.

If you think that moles are gone during colder periods of time, or dry periods, you are mistaken – they are simply gone deeper underground. Although they do not feed on plants (because they are insectivores), as some people may believe, they in fact pose a real threat of turning your yard into an excavation sight. While just a small number of homeowners tends to trap moles, a large population of them may develop in residential areas. In order to spot those in the area, be on the watch for regularly reopened tunnels which follow the straight line, or that connect together two molehills or their feeding areas.

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