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Check this list out to see whether or not your houses are infested by these wood eating pests. Carpenter ants are large black or reddish-black ants that build their nest in cavities above the ground, such as tree stumps, walls, subfloors, and roofs of houses. To make things worse, satellite colonies happen when the original colony grows too large – meaning that they may do more damage to more parts of the house. Horntail wasps are large insects with long and harmless “stingers” which may often infest newly constructed houses of up to 3 years old.
At 8,000 feet, at the upper limit of the cloud forest, the Q’ero live in wooden houses, grow corn, and cut wood for cooking and heating. The scattered local people who send their kids to the little school helped the couple build the school and their own comfortable house with planks cut out from the forest. One advantage spot on tick treatments have to offer is its ability to kill adult ticks and fleas within 24 to 48 hours of application. They rarely infest wood older than five years old – making new homes or newly manufactured furniture or articles potential targets. Higher up, at the foot of glaciers, they live in windowless stone houses and raise llamas, alpacas, and horses. Sitting on the ground and using wooden spoons, my grandmother and aunts eat from one large wooden bowl.
We also trade camels for things that need replacing, such as wooden mortars and bowls, camel saddles, spears, swords, and knives.
We also trade camels for things that need replacing, such as wooden mortars and bowls, camel saddles, spears, swords, and knives.  But we crave meat as much as we crave sugar.

In the forest, these ants are often considered beneficial because they prey on other insects and enhance the decay of stumps and other wood debris.
Using chemical based products on pets does not only cause your dogs or cats harm, but your household as well. Sitting apart, Uncle Amud eats alone from a small wooden bowl, passing his wooden spoon under his tagilmust. Unfortunately, however, given favorable conditions, they also attack wood in service and the interiors of living trees.Carpenter ants attack wherever excessive moisture accumulates in parts of dwellings, other buildings, power poles, and fence posts. Meanwhile, with the family house on stilts above floodwater, the girls do errands mainly by canoe. Especially vulnerable are porches, roofing and areas near kitchens and bathrooms where water from poles and building foundation timbers in contact with the ground absorb large amounts of moisture from the soil and are thus susceptible to ant colonization.The ants enter wood through cracks or normal cleavages, such as between siding and sheathing or between flooring and subflooring. In trees they usually enter wood through trunk wounds or the stubs of broken branches and extend their galleries from the decayed portion into the sound wood. The teaching couple survive like their jungle neighbors by fishing, slash-and-burn agriculture (manioc, plantain, bananas) and a vegetable garden on a river’s floating raft, which keeps ants away, besides a few chickens.
The inner surfaces of the galleries are clean and appear as if they had been coarsely sanded.Most damage occurs during the warm summer months when carpenter ants are most active.
After three or more years some of the ants, are born with wings as reproductive males and females (Figure 5.), swarm and mate.
The male dies soon after mating and the female, called the queen, locates a nesting place in wood.
Development from egg to adult takes about three months, depending on temperature conditions, during the warmer part of the year.First-year broods are small, sometimes consisting of only 10 to 20 ants.

IF NOT, THE WOOD WILL EVENTUALLY BECOME, OR MAY STILL BE, SUSCEPTIBLE TO A NEW ATTACK.Locating and treating the nesting site cannot be overemphasized.
Since these ants prefer to nest in damp or moist wood, check any areas where suspected leaks may exist. The presence of coarse sawdust or crackling sounds as the ants enlarge their tunnels may indicate the nest's location. Observing the ants as they establish foraging trails can also be helpful in locating nesting sites. The ultimate goal is to destroy the queen.The presence of a few carpenter ants in homes in the spring does not necessarily mean that the infestation is in the structure.
Their sources of nourishment being scarce at this time of year, ants from nearby outdoor colonies often enter houses in search of food, water and possibly, even a better place to live!Control inside the home:If you need to use an insecticide indoors, explore your options and choose the least toxic material. Borates (Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate) can be used to treat infested wood; spay or inject into carpenter ant galleries and decay pockets. Be sure that all pesticides you use are household formulations and that the pest and the site are clearly listed on the label.

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