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How to get rid of bed bugs is as simple as spreading around a powder called Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (also know as Silica Dioxide, Silicone Dioxide or Bed Bug Dust). Here is my page on how to create your own non-toxic pesticide and how to apply bed bug dust right the first time so you don’t have to do it again!
Some people have had luck with flea and tick powder which is suppose to do what diatomaceous earth does; that is, dehydrate the bugs and causes them to die. Just this week I read a report where a team of scientists have found a way to scare bed bugs. Bed bugs usually don’t come out to feed until humans are in a deep sleep which seems to be around 4am. By spraying an area with a synthetic version of a bed bug’s alarm pheromones, bed bugs were found to start moving within five minutes after the application regardless of the time of day!
For now, the best way to kill bed bugs is by applying Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth in the right locations.
A visitor, Tom 1303, has taken the time to write everyone on how to get rid of bed bugs which I’ve included below – Thanks Tom 1303! We lifted the couches sprayed the Phantom bed bug spray all over the underneath of the couches.
We then bought some Diatomaceous Earth from Ace hardware and spread it underneath the bed between the mattress and box spring. Once all was dried placed Diatomaceous Earth in the electrical outlets (took off the face plate and placed it in the hole of the wall around the outlet) * (Be careful) * Also retreated the beds with Diatomaceous Earth as noted above.
I am not saying I am bed bug free as adults can hide for a year but I am saying My family is bite free and sleeping good as well as able to sit on my new furniture. There for a while every little thing I felt I would jump and make sure it wasn’t a bed bug. I know it feels like you will not make it through but trust me if you keep at it and be persistent you will.
Another visitor dealing with an infestation spent over a year styuding methods used to get rid of bedbugs and shares his views below. I’ve been spending nearly full time reading all about bedbugs (from doctoral theses to anecdotes, from pesticide toxicollogy reports to IPM programs, etc) for well over a year now, and there is a lot of mis-information about bed bugs so let me clear a few misconceptions!
A lot of people here claim they no longer have bedbugs, but they give NO information HOW they came to that conclusion. Even if you do kill EVERY bedbug and egg in your residence, there’s always some risk you can get them again. So until we can get them under control throughout our civilization (and I have high hopes we eventually will); learn to not freak out about them, and most importantly learn to not over-react. 1) they all had bed bugs, 2) they had had their apartments sprayed numerous times, and 3) the bugs always came back. I hadn’t seen any bites or any other bed-buggy mattresses around, or any signs at all…so i didn’t really worry. Okay, so i noticed a few months back waking up to a small bug on me but never knew what it was. I found that applying selsun blue shampoo to my bedbug bites, it will relieve the burning and itching; simply put a drop on the areas bitten.
Another great home remedy is mixing a bit of tidy cats litter to create a paste, then apply it to your bug bites to get rid of the sting. This time I kill them nothing but at the time i didn’t know what it was, but it the blood most likely mine n my grandkids. Then I start googling how to get rid of bed bugs n find out that where all my bites been coming from.
I went to get some DE didn’t find that, I found the organic crawling insect blocker, It said to use out side, I have put all around my bed and in all of my crack. My grandson told me and I thought is was just saying because he heard the say of don’t let the bed bugs bit.
We take our bed apart every morning and find them in the wooden slats where the bed side rails connect. Most effective was this weekend when we sealed off our bedroom, turned on the heat, and placed many heaters in room to temp. Oh I forgot to mention last weekend I took down some wallpaper in my bedroom and he said maybe that disturbed them. You’re not going to like this, but a single bedbug can produce 5 eggs a day up to about 300 eggs. So, yes, you could have brought a female bedbug home with you and ended up with a whole family.
We put carpenter’s tape (double sided tape) and wrapped it around a plastic container and put the legs of our bed into them and then poured DE into the containers.
I’ve never encountered bed bugs before and I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy! What can I do to kill the bbs I have 3 kids and they are all getting bites as well as myself and my fiance.
It took me 2 days to fully clean up from the mess that the DE made which will be worth it if it did the trick.
Still this did not work all the while never seeing a bed bug just going on what my dad had told me.

I then taped my bed legs, bought lots of 91% alcohol kills on contact, got the DE put it everywhere . My dad said as a child growing up he remembers his mom used to put a mayo lid full of Karosene under the bed to keep the bedbugs away. A friend of mine gave me a can of it and it really works on the lice, haven’t had the bedbugs. If bedbugs are anything like lice you have to retreat every 7 days until they are completely gone, it is aggravating and very time consuming but they be exterminated with persistence. I saw a bedbug on the internet because a few ppl in class were talking about it and thought ugh!!!
Got dawn dish-washing liquid in a spray bottle with water and began spraying everything… got some food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) from the feed store and put it everywhere my apt looks like a white palace of dust… and i mean every where… i set off 3 bengal foggers says it kills up to 20 types of insects including bed bugs on the back of the box… i spent over $10 on 3lbs of DE and spent about $15 on the foggers, i bought black flag bug spray to kill any eggs laid, i bought disinfectant spray to kill germs, i bought dawn dishwashing detergent mixed with water in a spray bottle (heard that it works) and spray it in the crevices and hard to reach places. I will bomb again after the exterminator leaves on Monday… i will reapply the DE and leave it down for 3 days… and do this every week for 6 weeks… i have a mattress pad on my bed but it does not encase the mattress… I’m going to go buy me one that zips the mattress up and still use my mattress pad to soften up the encased mattress cover.
One additional note: Once you place the mattress and box springs into the cover, do not open it up on subsequent cleanings, just steam clean it and wash and dry your bed linens and dry your pillows etc. This morning I set off five Bed Bug Foggers in my house and evacuated my pets, God knows I need some relief in this problem. I will definitely be purchasing the food grade diatomaceous earth to see if the bits will stop. My friends, it takes work and a lot of patience but I haven’t been bit by bed bugs in 2 months now!
Lucky me I knew the signs and found them before the infestation spread past my bed and there weren’t many.
A lot of people are saying that if you put infested furniture outside in the cold, that it will finish the job. I picked up a couch from a thrift store and it had bed bugs – never knew anything about them before. I have moved from apartments to town-homes to homes and some had roaches and the last home I thought I had bedbugs and roaches.
I’ve found the solution for killing and getting rid of bed bugs!!!I never in my life experienced bed bugs until recently, They bite you in your sleep and they hide at the corners of mattress its gross .Any ways i remember one time at camp i used this repellent mosquito spay( OFF) BELIEVE IT OR NOT IT REALLY WORKS! There are a ton of comments from visitors from around the world explaining how they got rid of bed bugs using this natural powder found on our bed bug treatment page. The eggs can take more than a week to hatch (the outside figure seems to be 14 days, with 8 to 11 days being typical). After being bitten thousands of times I guess the allergic reaction started, and i had trails of hives all over my body every time a bug bit.
You can also read the testimonials on my bed bug dust section – the only reason they came back was that the place you were living in had infested rooms right next to yours.
Moral of that story – you can get rid of bed bug with DE, but you have to be diligent as does the landlord if living in a multi unit complex. I work out of Phoenix for an pest control company, and unlike other pests, bedbugs have been more of a pandemic throughout the U.S.
At first when I would see these bed bugs I didn’t think nothing of it that was in Aug 2009. He didn’t believe it was bed bugs either, like me as old as we are we have never once seen a bed bugs. He was bitten but got hives instead of bug bite marks, so it took us some time to realize they were bed bugs. If not, visit our page on hotel bedbugs and leave a comment with the address of the hotel and your request. I have an exterminator coming Thursday and i already sprayed my luggage down with insect killer and left it outside in the sun. There is also Bedlam Professional Bed Bug Insecticide – Eliminates the Pest as well as their Eggs.
Bits started on my shoulder in a horizontal and vertical pattern, on the elbow, and each thigh which all were over looked because the itchy sensation started while working around the house or doing other activities outside of being in bed. I don’t think this is necessarily true, and the reason for that being the girl who originally brought the bugs here laid her infested baby crib beside the back of the building next to the dumpsters. Or I thought that by her dragging the mattress down the stairs may have given the bugs a free ride down to my floor. I also sprayed my chair with ALL NATURAL BED BUG KILLER I got from a Ross store and also Rest Easy, I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s VERY time consuming to get any benefit (you have to move it VERY slowly), you get very LOW return from it at best (only bugs heated to the proper temperature for the proper time will be affected), and it risks blowing bedbugs (especially the terribly hard to see babies) around and spreading them even more in your dwelling. However sometimes a female will lay eggs instinctively out of distress and in these cases they’re not necessarily stuck in place.
I finally did a bit of research and I realized what i had was a severe bed bug infestation!
They were all over the corners of the room and on the floor piled up on top of each other under the bed, and all around the radiators.
About a year and a half ago I discovered a bed bug infested mattress in the dumpster behind my building. I treated my apartment for bed bugs but i covered my mattress after that because i wanted to prevent future bed bugs.

I got the DE, I vaccumed everything then put the DE around the corners of his room, under his whole bed, around all four legs of his bed, along the rails where you fit in the box spring, and between the boxspring and mattress.
I then covered my couch with sheets as I thought it would keep the bugs in and make them go through the DE but NOOOO. I know I read the bag and it says that it takes the bugs 2 days to dehydrate after coming in contact with the DE so I thought that by now, they would be mostly gone but daily, even during the middle of the day, I find new baby ones.
I don’t have the money right now but will get one when I get paid my disability on the 1st. After returning home and getting the kids settled for the nights I sat up watching some DVR program past midnight when to my dismay I noticed a small round shaped bug crawl on my brown comforter which was laid across my lap as I sat in bed with only the light from the TV. I’m so worried that my kids will be attached next and both of my ankles are surrounded with bits that have left scars that will probably take years to clear up.
At the time the Manager refused to spray and I contacted our board of supervisors and they put the pressure on and she had her place sprayed after throwing away her bed and going into debt having to buy a new one-luckily the infestation stayed in her bed!
But my landlord insists that he treated her apartment twice and was completely rid of them, and also there are two other tenants in the building who don’t have the bugs. My wife and I went back into the room and switched sheets my wife found the Bed Bugs that I laughed about weeks ago. Various studies indicate wildly different #s, but it’s reasonable to say that most people don’t react to getting bitten by bedbugs.
Every night I try and fall asleep around 9 or 10 then wake up around 2-2:30 as the bugs seem to come out around 3-4. I thought I was bb free, got me a new bed everything change out couldn’t afford exterminator. Once the adult bed bug has had a good meal, they can live up to a year without feeding again if they have to! We encased our new mattresses and box springs with mattress protectors and pulled our beds away from the wall. The way I found out that it was bed bugs is that in the winter in Alaska you NEVER see bugs inside in the winter. She also laid her queen size mattress against the side of the building next to another bedroom window of mine. Then I’m gonna call and see if I can get an exterminator to come and at least see if I have bed bugs or if I was bitten somewhere else.
NO SLEEP> CREEPED OUT BY THE THOUGHT OF THESE BUG CRAWLING ALL OVER ME COMPLETELY STRESSED ME OUT. I called my mom right away to warned her to check her bed wash all her clothes she brought with her. We even waited like a month before buying a new bed to be sure and slept on an air mattress. I was afraid someone would see a bug crawl on me at work or I would bring them to work and infest the office.
I was such an alcoholic at the time that it It took me a few months to realize that the bugs were actually biting me.
So I went to the doctor and he said no definitely not….looks like an allergic reaction to bug bites. I can’t really expect exterminators to sell me on cheap DE as it will result in me not spending $ thousands on spraying, now can I. And besides it is not a shame to get them it is a shame to get them and do nothing about them, whether it be bedbugs, lice, or whatever there is treatment and you should do whatever it takes to get rid of them.
Then two weeks later I sprayed again to make sure that we got any eggs that may have been left behind. If you don’t do this, you risk a female laying viable eggs inside your vacuum after getting sucked in. I am not 100% sure i have bed bugs, but pretty darn sure if’s not fire ants or spiders or mosquitoes. I had the though cross my mind that maybe it was a bed bug, looked it up sure enough it was. Since the DE my dad uses is for the pool filter is for the pool and not used as an organic bug killer for plants as the ones in the feed stores are, not sure if it is safe for humans and or pets to breath. All I could do was gently get out of bed with hopes of catching it but as I call for my son I just had a breakdown and began crying. We finally got our 8 grand for buying our new house and went and bought 2 new living room sets and my wife and I insist she takes the bed and we will sleep on the sofa pull out.
I’m very honest and will mail you the receipt for the DE and for the mailing so you can see you paid for ONLY that, not even my time and gas. The way the bugs been coming and going we didn’t want to pay monthly for something and still have the bugs.

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