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Plan number two — I sent my husband up into the attic with a couple of room pesticide bombs. Back to my reading and it says that they are not aggressive at this stage, and will usually move on after a scouter bee finds a new location. Very interesting history of the bees, but girl you have a serious problem with those bees hiving in your home. If they’re actually honesty bees, you can probably get a beekeeper to take them away for free rather than killing them. This site is not affiliated with or owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I do not seek to influence or gather members of the Church. As I scouted out their port of entry I found them swarming around the hole in the eaves of our roof. It’s sort of a matriarchy, a queen bee, thousands of worker bees (all females) and a few drones(male bees). I started Eve Out of the Garden as a place to record my thoughts as I search for greater truth and light and acknowledge that my thinking can change during this process. The scouter bees must have already found a warm inviting home inside our attic, as they all moved in.

They moved with the honey bee…Remember, it was the descendant of Noah, Egyptus, who led her people into Egypt. The content covers many areas of my life — homeschooling, homesteading, health, faith, family history, marriage, raising kids, online learning, nature, science, nutrition, education, and just about anything you might find as a mortal on earth. Spraying them away from the opening in the roofline proved entertaining to the neighbors I’m sure, but only made matters worse. Those that don’t mate are eventually pushed out because they cannot feed themselves and have no pollen baskets or wax glands and cannot secrete royal jelly.
They settled there in the opposite direction at this time, and deseret was their beacon, their sign. I looked up on the Internet how to get rid of a hive in your attic and found that it would cost too much money for a professional.

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