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Some people argue that it is the talcum powder content of regular classroom or sidewalk chalk that keeps ants at bay by interfering with the insects’ sense of touch. While the exact reasoning may still be unclear, many people find drawing a chalk line to be an effective, natural way to deter ants. When using any type of at home remedy such as chalk, keep in mind any pets and small children that you may have. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for the outstanding service provided by Jason Floyd while assisting me with a sensitive situation. On June 9th, 2013, a young teenage homeless girl that we had taken in and whom had lived with us for over a year, moved out of our home.

Though it seems like ants can invade overnight, many people struggle much longer to get rid of the insects. Others suggest that chalk or any sort of powdery line interferes with the chemical trails ants leave behind.
However, if repeated attempts to use chalk as a barrier against ants fail, it is best to enlist the services of a qualified pest control company to assess the situation and deliver an effective solution. One common remedy that is often used to deter ants is drawing a line around entry points using chalk.
According to this theory, ants that encounter a chalky, powdery line while following the chemical trail become confused and no longer have a clear path to follow into a person’s home.

While many have successfully prevented ants from returning to their homes by using chalk, there is much debate regarding the reason this remedy actually works.
The crushed shells contain calcium carbonate, which is believed by some to be a natural ant repellent.

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