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It is important to note from the outset that while termites and white ants are one and the same thing, termites are the preferred term within the industry; white ants is the Australian common name for termites but are actually related to the cockroach and not to ants in anyway. We strongly recommend not touching the infested area as it can make the white ants temporarily dissipate only to emerge back to the same area or more like in an area that is hard to locate, thus making permanent white ant treatment all the more difficult.
Specialist Termite Control uses a range of white ant treatment options depending on the type of termite and the severity of infestation in your home. We can solve almost any problem with safe, environmentally friendly and safe methods which is a win for everyone.

Therefore if your Melbourne home becomes infested, white ant treatment should proceed as though you have termites, because unfortunately that’s exactly what you’ve got. In this case you need to call the Melbourne white ant treatment experts at Specialist Termite Control 1300 69 59 49. An inspection of your home carried out by Specialist Termite Control will determine which method of white ants treatment is best suited to your Melbourne home.
Whether it’s through termite baiting, termite monitors, termite dusting, nest location or chemical soil treatments, Specialist Termite Control will have the most effective white ant treatment option for you.

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