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If it is a yellow jacket nest then you should be able to use some hornet spray on the nest in the ground. I though it was pretty common knowledge not to pour petrolium products of any type on to the ground. It contaminates ground water which eventually ends up back in the water you drink and the food you eat and the creatures that live in the water, etc. So yes, dumping a petrolium product on the ground in your backyard can and does affect the rest of the world. One environmenally conscious way to oust the digger bee is to water the ground until it is soaked and then try to down a power line. Just pick a safe spot, and watch where they are all returning to locate the hive in the ground, log, etc. Make a big torch just like all the movie stars use in the movies when they are exploring the cave.
I had a ground bee problem that only realized after I had been stung eight times and my breathing began to be labored! Sucks if you don't have any power lines in the area 'cause then you're stuck with digger bees.

Approach the entrance to the hive (with your red filter over the flashlight, which is less alarming to bees), with your match ready to fire up the torch. Bees usually will stay near sweet smelling or colorful bushes and flowers and during Fall, will become dormant and often walk along the grass or fly extremely low. She used one black tarp a friend had lent her, then used a number of clear tarps she bought at the store. Depending on what type of bee, becuse there is a such thing as a "carpentar ant" that lives in the ground and will kill your yard.
If you move your deck furniture, or umbrella, bright colored items off your deck, or to different location, sometimes they will at least use a different route. They were left on the ground (held in place by small logs) for about a week, and at the end, there was a large spot of dead grass where the black tarp had been, but under the clear tarps the grass was healthy. If you do it before all bees return for the night only those in the nest at the time are killed. Light the torch, hold it down right over the hole entrance to hive, and when the bees come flying out, they burn up. If you can't get near it during the day when the bees are active, you can dump it at night.

They burrow into the earth (preferably damp earth, but can still burrow if the earth is dry.) There are channels undergroound all over the place, so it's best to get an expert in to get rid of them. I had these wasps burrowed under a huge English Ivy in my rockery and my husband and his friend went out in the evening (this is when wasps are at their most dormant time in a 24 hour period) and they used smoke canasters and then stuck a hose in and drowned them.
And if there are any shrubs or trees nearby you may kill them as well if you manage to nail the roots in your zeal to kill a few bees. Go to the garden center and find an insecticide that is labeled for ground bees and follow the instructions on the label.
Be sure to keep the soil soaked all times around the nest and entrance because the bees hate wet soil. However, I wouldn't suggest this and it's best to get an expert in to get rid of them once and for all. And, the entrance should cave in from being wet, therefore, trapping the queen and most bees inside.

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