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Summary: Learning how to get rid of fruit flies is very important for any household that has been invaded by these little insects.
For effective fruit fly control, you need to identify the route cause instead of just fighting the symptom.
Although fruit flies don’t bite, I am sure you want to start your removal process immediately! Make sure that your dishes are always clean as dirty dishes eventually attract bacteria, which in turn will attract fruit flies, which will make killing these fruit flies in the kitchen very hard. Another area of concern for home owners is the problem of fruit flies attacking their plants. At first you may be worried that the foam this creates will damage your plants but do not worry, it will not do any harm and will keep those pesky fruit flies away. At first glance, you may think that your fruit fly problem couldn’t be coming from your drains.
The last step in getting rid of fruit flies in your drain is to pour boiling water down the pipe that you just scrubbed and cleaned. Another place that is problematic when they start laying their eggs and you need to control fruit flies from spreading into your toilet areas.
Believe it or not, even the work place can become infected with fruit flies, even if staff do not bring fruit to work.
In summary, remember that its extremely important to address the causes for the fruit flies before you start working on a solution to remove them. I had fruit flies once in my house they came from bananas I had forgotten about the best way to kill them fast within only a few hours is Mr.
I have also angrily microwaved fruit flies for long amounts of time, only to have them fly out afterwards unscathed. So in other words, before you start on your campaign against these flies, you need to identify the causes of fruit flies as soon as you start seeing them. Keeping that in mind, the first step should always be to remove any rotten fruits or vegetables that you may have in your house.
Garbage bins are a breeding ground for fruit flies as they often contain rotting foods that pose serious health concerns. Remember that fruit flies are also attracted to sugar and other forms of sweet food and drink. But as a general recommendation, its always good to keep a clean kitchen for many health reasons so try your best to wash your dishes on time and put them always after drying them properly. However, its very possible and if this is the source, the best way to get rid of flies in your house would be to kill them here before they spread to other areas. It is usually secured by screws but sometimes it can have waterproof glue that is keeping it in place.
Since fruit flies are often attracted to areas where there is a high level of bacteria, this method will ensure that you eliminate this as well so the fruit flies do not return. Fruit flies are also attracted to damp clothes and things like sponges, mobs and face cloths because of bacteria buildup.

So clean and pour boiling water down your drain pipes, (also use bleach if its available) spray your plants with a soapy solution (created by mixing dish washing liquid and water), throw old food away and keep rubbish bins sealed up tight.
So instead of having to deal with a fruit fly infestation, I make the effort to try and prevent it happening in the first place. You could use it on your fruits but just make sure that you give them a good rinse before you eat them (also tell your family to do the same).
I’m just realizing that I have what appears to b fruit flies but I have no fruit and my apartment is clean.
I suggest that you follow the instructions in this article and take a few moments to check out my fruit fly trap article and you will get rid of them in no time!
There are a number of home remedies for fruit flies that are effective and the good news is that most of them are very cost effective.
Losing the battle against these pests, especially when its humid and hot can not only be irritating but can also pose a serious health risk due to their exposure to rotten fruit, animal (and sometimes human) excrement and bacteria ridden garbage. If you feel unable to remove the garbage bags on a regular basis, (we understand, life is extremely busy sometimes) I highly recommend putting offcuts from fruit and vegetables (and any other fresh food, including meat) into a smaller plastic shopping bag. However, although this may be great for your garden, its really not helping your fruit fly infestation.
Well, many people have these bugs in their work space and it can be very frustrating, in addition to embarrassing, especially if a new client has come to visit and sees them flying around. After you have completed this step, all you need to do is set a few fruit fly traps and you will start to see immediate results.
These little pests can leave a rather nasty bite (especially if you have sensitive skin) and are also attracted to decaying foodstuffs like fruit. I better solution would be to keep any ripe fruits (like those bananas) in a brown paper bag (like those you get an a chemist or at a fast food outlet). If so, you can still make yourself a fruit fly trap (I have a separate article on this) and while its not really a permanent solution, it will give you some relief. In the meantime, get some netting for open windows and try keep those pests out the home to start with. In addition to keeping the dishes clean, make sure that you keep the trash closed, take it out regularly (and keep it away from the house), etc.
In the meantime, make sure that you throw that fruit (and any other old food, etc.) away and take out the trash on a regular basis.
However, its just not realistic to coat everything with it and your efforts are better spent trying to find out whats attracting them and actually killing them in your home. Basically you just need to put some lemongrass oil and warm water in a spray bottle and target any areas where you keep finding fruit flies. Gnats are much smaller and can bite, leaving a little bit of skin irritation (hence why so many people email me and say that fruit flies do bite whereas in reality its probably gnats). In the meantime, maybe put some close knit netting to close those holes to keep the fruit flies out. Ive been trying for weeks to get rid of them (and have made a dent) but these damn flies are not giving up.

Even if your fruit or vegetables is not completely rotten but is slightly over ripe, has a slight slimy feel or has any sort of bruises, it needs to be thrown away immediately. I have a great method to get rid of flies on house plants and it involves mixing a little bit of dish washing liquid into about one liter of water.
I recommend doing it every couple weeks to kill any lingering bacteria, whether its attracting fruit flies or not. If they are left there long enough, you will start having an issue with bugs such as fruit flies.
Remember, all this information is provided at absolutely no cost and if you have enjoyed what you have read, please show your appreciation by sharing this post on your favorite social network below. Either use an insect bomb in your house or use a wall plug mosquito repellent as they are known to also keep midges away.
This can actually accelerate the ripening process (I use this for avocados) and will also keep the smell away from fruit flies.
This will greatly reduce the chance of a fruit fly infestation as unrefrigerated produce can be the main cause of fruit flies in your home.
This can attract fruit flies and if left unattended for a duration of time, they can lay their eggs (part of the fruit fly life cycle) in your house (as they feel there is a ready source of food nearby) and cause you weeks of frustration.
You just need to make sure the compost is away from your living space (if it is not put in the garden immediately) as it has the potential to attract fruit flies. When this does happen and I start to see fruit flies around my house, I don’t get myself worked up but instead simply kill their breeding areas and then follow the steps outlined above. It is my recommendation that all of them should be done to ensure that you get rid of fruit flies fast. Many people have asked me, “how do you get rid of fruit flies naturally in the fastest way possible” and my simple answer to that is, don’t get a fruit fly problem in the first place.
They're brown in coloring together with enormous red eyes and usually are merely 3mm in length!Fruit flies feed upon alcohol and also, despite their smallish size, have an excellent perception of smell. The fruit fly is going to smell an over ripe banana coming from a lot of miles out.The following is in fact exactly how the fruit fly goes in your own home initially.
It is attracted to the fermenting fruit, finds it, after which it takes place feeding and reproducing on and next to the food. This is not only so you can keep fruit flies away but also for lots of other health reasons.
The next you're between tiny little demon bugs, many trying to steal a piece of some prime peachy real estate.And because they're so tiny, you'll find it nearly hard to swat these bugs away. Keep an eye on all raw foods inside your house and check them daily for tender spots, mold, and also the stench of alcohol. If in case you have been desperately yearning for strategies on home remedies to get rid of fruit flies permenently and under 4 hours than this can be the most valuable manual you'll ever read- Click Here.

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