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The first step in order to get rid of Fruit Flies in the kitchen or elsewhere is to have proper sanitation. Below is a list of possible breeding sources for various small flies found in kitchen areas and other breeding areas. Drain flies: Drain Flies can breed in sewers, drains, septic tanks and contaminated soil from sewage. Fruit flies: You can find Fruit Flies flying around fruits and vegetables, both fresh and rotten.

Flies : Phorid Flies are also found in contaminated soils from garbage, in drains and garbage. If you understand the various breeding sources, you can manage these flies with better success. They are ready to use traps with special attractants to lure the Fruit Flies into the traps and get caught. Also, Fruit Fly Traps would not work for other small flies such as Drain Flies, Phorid Flies, or Sphaerocerid Flies.

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