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GreenWay Fruit Fly Trap will have your fruits and vegetables protected with their bottle fruit fly traps. Cleaning the home or business will have the most dramatic effect on fruit fly reproduction. An international team of biologists has teased out the genetic underpinnings of fruit fly larval hairs.
Place as many GreenWay Fruit Fly Traps as appropriate to achieve the removal of the fruit flies in one or two days.
Place the GreenWay Fruit Fly Trap on countertops, near fruits, and food preparation areas for example.
This could be in decaying fruits or vegetables on the counter, in the disposal system, cracks and crevices, sink drains, floor drains, dumpsters, garbage cans, lockers, or even vending machines.

There are nearly 5,000 described species of tephritid fruit fly, categorized in almost 500 genera.
Place the GreenWay Fruit Fly Traps near fruits, food preparation areas, on countertops, and other areas where you have seen fruit flies.
Light insect traps do not effectively trap adult fruit flies, while the occasional one or two can be caught.The key to control fruit flies is the elimination of food and developmental sites for fruit fly larval. Each bottle has a unique funnel design in the neck that allows fruit flies to enter but not leave. Think of where fruits or fruit juices, vegetables (like onions and potatoes), beer, liquor, fruit syrups, vinegars and condiments have spilled or are being stored. Once in the trap, fruit flies eventually enter the attractant (15 ml) in the bottle and sink to the bottom.

To distinguish them from the Drosophilidae, the Tephritidae are sometimes called peacock flies.Tephritid fruit flies are of major importance in agriculture. Some fruit flies show Batesian mimicry, bearing the colors and markings of dangerous insects such as wasps because it helps the fruit flies to avoid predators; the flies, of course, lack stingers.

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