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Pesticide products include active ingredients that kill the bed bugs, or drive the bugs away from treated areas. Incorrect use of pesticides or using the wrong pesticide can be harmful for your home and can make the bed bugs resistant to further treatment. Before employing any pesticide products, READ THE LABEL FIRST, and strictly follow the directions for use. From our experience in tackling bed bug problems over the last many years, we have found that a combination of chemical and non-chemical methods is the most effective. We use our extensive knowledge of the breeding and feeding habits of bed bugs along with their preferred conditions of living; we devise and implement the optimum strategy of killing bed bugs using all possible means. Remember if you really want to know how to kill bed bugs, contact the Toronto professionals at Just Bugs. TRAP MAINTENANCE: Traps can get dirty or filled with dead bedbugs and should be washed periodically as needed.

Although here at Just Bugs we recommend heat treatment (the most effective way of killing bed bugs), there are other alternatives as well. Improper usage of pesticide can be very dangerous and may not even solve your bed bug problem. Also make sure that the product is registered, approved and recommended for treatment of bedbugs. It helps us come up with the most effective bed bug removal strategy with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment. Traps are set under the legs of beds, couches and other furniture bedbugs are likely to climb.
The trap has a unique design which allows bedbugs to enter from one side but they cannot escape. Traps can then be set out under beds and anywhere in rooms where they are suspected of nesting.

Bedbugs are attracted by carbon monoxide which is one of the reasons they are attracted to beds where people are sleeping.
Bedbugs will then be drawn to the carbon dioxide that will release as the dry ice melts and get caught. This can be an effective way to reduce bed bug numbers as well as monitor local infestations.

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