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Can be used for a variety of bedbug harborage areas, including wall joints, baseboards, behind and underneath furniture,, etc. JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs II is a very popular water based contact kills that uses active ingredient deltamethrin to quickly knockdown a bed bug population during initial and follow up treatments. JT Eaton Kills Bed Bug II works as part of a cocktail approach in conjunction with JT Eatons Bed Bug Killer (red bottle) and JT Eatons Bed Bug Powder (green bottle) and Bedlam Plus (residual) to effectively wipe out bed bugs with deadly precision (always review and follow the bottles label and directions).
JT Eaton's Bed Bug Killer II (blue bottle) is used on day one of treatment after the Red Bottle of contact killer is applied and before the Green Bottle of diatomaceous earth has been put down. Kills Bedbugs II works fine, but I've had to spray every room and the hallway in the custodial home where I work at least every other day to keep the bugs down. Eaton Bed Bug Killer (contact killer) and Powder to effectively kill off bed bug infestations. The blue bottle should be applied in cracks and crevices including behind hanging wall frames, below drawers, on baseboards, etc (areas that do not come into contact with your skin).

Eaton, the company started as a mail order house for pest control products for professional use.
Before that, some professionals used the radiators of their cars to melt industrial glue and spread the glue across wood planks or tar paper. Eaton has gone on to create innovative products for the pest control industry as well as the retail industry. Eaton is a family-run business that offers a complete line of products designed to help pest management professionals provide quality service to their customers.
It's safe for use on items that people will touch, provided that that surface is included in the product label, and has been given time to dry after being sprayed.
Just make sure that you follow the product label and MSDS to ensure safe and effective usage.
I am down to inspecting once a month and retreating with this product at the smallest sign the bugs are back.

Eaton launched an extremely successful Bed Bug insecticide, a Top Loader bait stations, green light flying insect catchers and advanced seed bait place packs. Eaton products are available in a variety of sizes, when applicable, to fit the needs of any firm. Eaton also commits to quality products with the integrated pest management (IPM) strategy in mind.

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