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To help you trap and get rid of each and every fly, I’ve put together this little do it yourself homemade fruit fly funnel trap project to help remedy the situation. We once had a really bad infestation of fruit flies which brought home with a bunch of peaches. We had an infestation of fruit flies at work so I secreted a peeled banana in a colleagues locker and trapped them in there. I also tried just cutting the top off a plastic bottle and reverting it back, but the bottle opening’s a bit big and the flies find their way out. I looked up some ideas on the web, and last night I cut 2 water bottles just where the top curve goes straight, to form a funnel shape. I have read they can come in as eggs attached to fruit, so from now on I plan to watch (or wash) new produce fo any sign of problems.
Paradise does not appear on the map, and an inscription in southeastern Africa tells us why: “In this region some depict the earthly paradise.
England, Scotland, and Ireland are represented as on the portolan charts of the period, over each of which flies a pennant.
The name Sine, or Sina, which was never used in the middle ages, and which in all probability the Genoese map-maker took from Ptolemy, suggests that the gulf is likewise from Ptolemy, and in order to find space for the new discovery it has been placed farther north.
The main African interest lies in the fact that, as a departure from Ptolemy’s conception, the Indian Ocean, as is also shown on the Vesconte, Bianco, the Catalan-Estense, Leardo and Fra Mauro’s maps (#228, #241, #246, #242, and #249), is not landlocked, and, significantly, the southern extremity of Africa does not run away eastwards, as on the Catalan-Estense map. Marco Polo relates a similar story, but adds, as does Conti, the simple facts that he himself observed, that is, that diamonds are obtained in India through mining and through the washing and the sifting of the sands. Turning to the continent of Africa, we find its Mediterranean coast, as on the portolan charts, well represented; likewise the Atlantic coast as far as Cape Bojador, which had recently been reached by the Portuguese.

On the west coast, in about the position where one should look for the Gulf of Guinea, a gulf having one large and two small islands extends into the mainland, as is represented by Sanudo, Leardo and Fra Mauro. The hydrography of Africa is likewise Ptolemaic, especially that which pertains to the Nile.
Not only does there appear to be some confusion relative to the representation of the Nile River, but the hydrography of other parts of Africa is very confusing. Once the funnel trap is a buzzing, feel free to set your flies free in the great outdoors, or not. A legend here reads: This animal, called the sea hog, gathers its food with its snout like the land hog.
What is clear is the mapmaker’s declaration of intent, his striving for accuracy and a near-natural depiction of the world, all of which make his map look rather modern. Perhaps in answering certain questions one should not look too hard for historical transitions or changes in cartography, as this tempts one to privilege current representational conventions.
I am always careful with fruit but now remembering we just had pumpkins out on the stoop (after we carved- dumb) for a few days. Alas, the fruit flies invaded and ruined the batter that I was going to pass on to friends, but it does work. The larger vessels also carried small boats, which were used, as Marco Polo states, “to lay out the anchors, catch fish, bring supplies aboard, and the like. Meroe, however, does not, as with Ptolemy, lie on a river island, but on a river peninsula.
In studying cosmological models of the Middle Ages, it would be more constructive to look for continuities that might even expose our modern understanding of homogeneous space as an illusion.

Think I’m going to try putting several tubs out with different substances inside and see what works best. What we now know about Marinos is mostly from Ptolemy’s criticism of him, but the Arab geographer al-Ma’sudi reported in the 10th century that he had seen Marinus’ geographical treatise.
Jerusalem does not appear in the center of the map but is considerably to the west of a center located south of the Caspian Sea.
Conti gives to the island a circumference of about two thousand miles, as does Marco Polo, which is very nearly correct. In the 14th century didactic poem, “Il Dittamondo” Fazio degli Uberti, described the inhabited world as long and narrow (“lungo e stretto”) like an almond (mandorla), with no apparent religious significance.
The other [story relates] that certain of their trees bear fruit which, decaying within, produces a worm which, as it subsequently develops, becomes hairy and feathered, and, provided with wings, flies like a bird. Herein in particular does the value of the Genoese map appear in a comparison with the larger map by Fra Mauro (#249), although the latter is richer in details. Idrisi also represents the people Gog as dwarfs, and our cosmographer identifies them as the pygmies of Pliny, who placed them in the mountains of the north of India, exactly as does the Genoese cosmographer, in a beautiful valley protected from the cold winds, where they are molested only by the attacks of the cranes. A mountain is indicated with a deep valley out of which a bird flies, having a piece of meat in its beak, and out of the same valley a river flows which in its course forms the boundary between India and China.

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