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There is much confusion (even ignorance) among the uninformed, as to what exactly do termites look like. Finally, the alates (winged reproductives) of termites have 4 wings which are all similarly sized, but ants have 2 larger wings plus 2 smaller wings. Determining whether you have flying ants or winged termites is important in how you treat the problem.
Advance 375 A Ant Bait and Optigard Ant Bait have proven to be favorites, working all season long for the carpenter ants.
This is usually done with a non-repellent residual, crack and crevice aerosols like Phantom Aerosol sprayed directly into the nest or a dust such as, D-Fense Dust, dusted into the nest using a duster such as a the Bellows 8 Oz.
The winged ants are reproductive forms of the ants and often look very different from the rest of the workers.
Because I frequently am asked these questions by beginning ant enthusiasts, let's go over what you need to look for to tell if the ant you have seen or captured is a queen. If you encounter an ant swarm like this one, you can probably spot the virgin queens right away.
If unsure about whether it's a queen or not, it's helpful to look around - as ants do tend to release quite some queens at a given time, there is some chance to see another queen, perhaps with wings so as to relieve us from doubt.

At first I was a little startled too, but then I noticed what I believe to be the groves where the wings once were, so I at least will put my money on that it is a queen indeed. More than 2000 arthropod species, including many spiders, hemipteran bugs, and staphylinid beetles have evolved to look and behave just like ants in order to blend in and be accepted into colonies. Though it looks very similar to an ant, this is actually a cricket in the genus Macroxiphus. In order to successfully integrate themselves into colonies, many ant mimics hide out in the ant nest that they plan to infiltrate for days before exposing themselves to the ants living there in order to absorb the smell of the nest. Though termites do not mimic ants, they are often confused with them because they are both social insects that live together in large colonies. The many types of ant mimicry in a variety of organisms makes ants seem even more impressive.
There are a lot of similarities and differences between termites and flying ants, and hence they can be confused for each other.
Ants are all generally regarded as workers without such caste specialization, unlike termites.
The other kind are really ugly looking dark brown creatures, that make normal ants look smooth and pretty.

Most queens will look for a dark space, or start burrowing, or gnawing, to make such a perfect enclosure (like your Camponotus queen) and forget about the world, building a nation.
There is a nother techinical term i use in some oldeer literature, but I won't mention it because I would like it to be dis-used.
Advion works kills the entire colony in 2-3 days, and also works for Bigheaded Ants and Pavement Ants. They always come in a combination of two completely different looking kinds and seem to just sit there, strung up on the stalk of the plant, and suck the juices out of it. Most insecticides are repellent in nature, the ants simply move around it to enter the structure.
Termites and flying ants also have a social strata system which sees the colony being divided into a queen, worker insects and soldiers. Flying ants will also show off some curves at the two connecting areas between their three segments.

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