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Ant colonies consist of queen ants that lay eggs and potentially thousands of worker ants that are sterile, wingless females. The flying ants form various colonies then swarm around certain places in the area, usually a place of slightly higher elevation, such as a hill, tree or roof. A person can tell the difference between a flying ant and a flying termite by looking closely at them. I have lived in the high desert southwest (about 4000 feet) since 1995 and have had flying ants every temperate evening since. After several days of rain in Florida our lanai had a swarm of flying ants that bit 4 of the people swimming and sunning on the patio. In a finished room over our garage, flying ants are gathering by the window, inside, on a daily basis.

A flying ant has three distinct body parts, including a small thorax between its head and abdomen, but a flying termite has only a head and a main body. I just noticed within the past three weeks an insect which looks like a flying ant or termite inside my home. The queen's only purpose is to lay eggs, and the worker ants that she produces perform duties such as building the nest and bringing her food. Flying ants usually are more of a nuisance than harmful, although they might damage plants during their few days of infestation. More than likely they are already hard at work on your house and are coming out of the walls.
I don't care to use poison as my cats, dogs and wild birds frequently are in and out of the flower beds.

Most female flying ants also die soon after mating, but a few become queen ants, losing their wings and then laying eggs for the rest of their lives to populate their colonies. The flying ones you are seeing are the new males trying to leave your house to establish a new nest. I've tried the borax trick in the past but I tend to think ants are a creature you will never get rid of.

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