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Earwigs are nocturnal insects feeding on a wide variety of plant material, nectar and some insects.
If you should experience a sudden influx of earwigs do a little investigation before you reach for the sprays. There are rare occasions of mass earwig invasions and if you find this is happening to you please leave a comment with some details of your situation and I’ll see if I can help. One thing they did mention before I ended our relationship is that beneficial insect populations were killed with previous applications and that this caused a sudden increase in the amount of earwigs present, they also noted that my lawn remained moist at all times, due to sprinkler system, which helped explode their growth.
I was wondering if you could shed some light on which beneificial ppopulation eats the Earwigs, and what I can do this summer to truly avoid such diasters. I’m really suprised nobody has mentioned this yet, but a great way to get rid of earwigs without chemicals are jars of sugar water next to the entrances into the home.
If you ever have a camera handy- I’d love some pics of severe earwig infestations in places like that. I think I’m getting an earwig problem I have found 5 in the bathrooms, 8 by my front door,1 in my room, and 2 in my little brothers ds case. We have had an indoor earwig problem since we’ve been watering the flower beds surrounding the perimeter of our house.
You sprinkle very little across the base of the home (soil or grassy areas) or in places where earwigs spend the day.
Follow the links or the other articles in the earwig topic…all the info you need will be there. The last week or so, every evening I will go in my bathroom and find at least 5 or 6 really large earwigs on the walls or bath.
Earwigs make up the insect order Dermaptera and are found throughout the Americas, Africa, Eurasia, Australia and New Zealand. Earwigs are mostly nocturnal and often hide in small, moist crevices during the day, and are active at night, feeding on a wide variety of insects and plants. Some earwig specimen fossils are in the extinct suborders Archidermaptera or Eodermaptera, the former dating to the Late Triassic and the latter to the Middle Jurassic.

Earwigs are sometimes known as pincher bugs because of the forceps-like pinchers, call cerci, which they carry at the rear of their bodies.
Contrary to a popular myth that has been around since the Middle Ages, earwigs do not crawl into peoples ears and burrow into their brains to lay eggs.
Magnolia Exterminating can effectively treat for earwigs and other common pests in a way that is people friendly, pet friendly and environment friendly. They populate areas of high moisture such as potted plants, mulch, wet welcome mats or under a variety of things that may keep them cool while providing moisture. No real spray measures are needed for the occasional pest but sometimes outside numbers are so high that homes may get many more than desired in living areas. I had a real problem with these Earwigs, and first I didn’t know what they were called, and my exterminator thought I was crazy for saying I had dustmites. Also, what to do for a person such as myself who loves a green lawn, and an HOA, who requires me to keep my lawn healthy. I havent noticed them in bathroom much but in living room and hallway not close to water areas.
Sometimes in my job I NEVER find the reason they are or how they are getting in but as long as I figure out how to cut them off then my treatment is still a success. One thing I know folks do who are in similar situations is to put cotton in their ears at night while they sleep. Try rolling up a damp newspaper and putting that an the floor near the area (on plastic maybe so you don’t damage the floor) The earwigs will crawl into it and you simply discard of them paper and all. Damage to foliage, flowers, and various crops is commonly blamed on earwigs, especially the common earwig Forficula auricularia.
Many orders of insect have been theorized to be closely related to earwigs, though the icebugs of Grylloblattaria are most likely. Only a few of the 2000 species live here in Mississippi, given our climate and the fact that earwigs tend to prefer dark, damp environments. Since earwigs hide during the day a thorough crack and crevice treatment might be in order.

Rake mulch turning it to allow for some drying, point sprinklers away from home and regulate them so you are not over watering. I’d go outside and start looking for the areas where they like to congregate and begin treating there. Depending on how many earwigs you have, you might need to empty the jars every other day at first, but it will slow down as the population decreases.
One forgotten place is under the slab where it is always moist and the earwig has no trouble following the pipes to the bath trap areas or other plumbing.
Female earwigs may care for their eggs, and even after they have hatched as nymphs will continue to watch over offspring until their second molt. This is why they are usually found in interior and exterior expansion joints, near water fixtures, grass, other watered landscaping and under rocks. In areas where it’s not possible to alter use Talstar PL granular insecticide, simply lift up the mat or pot and sprinkle the area.
I just throw a bit of gasoline in the jar to kill any that are still alive then throw it in the dumpster and start with fresh water again.
They are easily recognizable by the forceps which look menacing but pose no threat to you or I. It won’t help with any earwigs that are already in your home, but it will keep them from getting in in the first place.
As they forage for food and as their populations are left uncontrolled we start finding them in our homes and they become a pest.

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