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Preventative measures against sugar ants include keeping food put away and surfaces clear of crumbs and drips.
Additional useful body characters of ants to include a characteristic smell when crushed, the or absence of a sting, and presence or absence of spines on the head and thorax.
Carpenter ants are generally large, and may be solid black, brown, or a combination of black and orange.
These medium-sized ants are frequently confused with carpenter ants because of similar coloration and nesting habits.
For more information about other indoor ants, see Extension Leaflet B-6183.  For a more complete guide to the common ant genera of Texas, check out the Ant genera identification guide (for professionals) (B-6138-for sale).
Since you’re not sure what kind of ants you have, I would start by looking to see whether you can tell where the ants are entering the room. I am having an intermittent problem of flying insects that resemble the picture of the carpenter ant with wings. The ants we have seem like carpenter ants because they are nocturnal and they are only on our wall and ceiling corners. Carpenter Ants - Escaping the nesting area after it has been injected with Insecticide Spray - at a home in Toronto. ControlMonitoring: Since Carpenter Ants are most active in the night, you are likely to notice their pathways - where the emerge from and where they vanish into.
Also, Carpenter Ants make a rustling sounds in their nests which can be heard in the absence of ambient noise. In about 3-5 weeks, all Carpenter Ants would have had the time and opportunity to feed on the bait.
Most often these ants are found in large groups near where food scraps are found in or near kitchen. Carpenter Ants would take shelter at the first signs of an insecticide spray being applied.
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One significant way that termites, ants, mice, and other pests enter a crawl space is through open vents.
If the wood of your home is showing signs of damage from wood-eating or wood-boring insects such as termites or carpenter ants, McInroy Basement Systems is here to help you.
We offer free crawl space repair quotes in Kingston, Belleville, Picton and many areas nearby. Carpenter ants create smooth passages, or "galleries", in wood (top), while termite galleries (bottom) are rough and ragged.
Approximately 1 home in 30 are infested by termites annually, and these infestations can go unnoticed for 3-8 years or more. Termites also created mud "tubes" in visible areas to shield them from light, predators, air currents, and from drying out when traveling along outside surfaces. However, empty tubes are not a sign that termites no longer live in your home -- termites will often abandon sections of tubing while foraging elsewhere. While encountering winged termites or ants outside of the home is not necessarily a sign of an infestation in your home, you should take special note if you see swarming inside your home. Swarming ants and termites inside a home are attracted to light, and they can often be found around windows and doors. Winged Carpenter Ants (top) have pinched-in waists, elbowed antennas, and forewings that are longer than their hind wings. Before any repairs are done to your crawl space or other damaged wood, all pest infestations should be completely eliminated. If you stack firewood alongside your home, you're inviting termites, carpenter ants, and other pests that live there to spread to your home. We proudly serve Ontario, including Picton, Kingston, Belleville and nearby areas such as Napanee, Tweed, Highland Grove, Birds Creek, Bancroft, Coe Hill, Gilmour. Some ant species live in colonies that are supported by a single queen while others are supported by multiple queens. Winged ants (reproductive Kings and Queens), produced in early spring, before the workers, mature within three months and mate soon afterwards. The length of time between the egg stage and ants emerging as adults can take 6 weeks or more; it depends on a variety of factors such as the species of ant, the temperature and the availability of food.
These ants are regarded as a nuisance and scavenge in kitchens, garbage and also dog excrement, therefore potentially spreading diseases such as salmonella.

The queen Bull Ant leaves the nest at night to forage and supplement the food supply for her progeny (baby bull ants). Each ant belongs to a specific caste and has a specific job to do (there are worker ants, soldier ants, the queen and the male – who mates with the queen). A sugar ant problem might not be apparent when first moving into a new residence, but will quickly become obvious once the cupboards are stocked with food. Raid kills ants on contact and also leaves behind a film that is effective at killing them for four weeks.
Once you know the species of ant in your home, you can determine where it is likely to nest, what kind of damage it causes, and what kind of control measures are most effective. Unlike many other insects, however, ant body regions are very distinct, with obvious constrictions between the head and thorax, and thorax and abdomen (or gaster)(see drawing). The presence of pedicels between abdomen and gaster is what distinguishes ants from similar insects like wasps.
Besides length, an important feature that can help distinguish different ant species is whether the worker ants in a colony are all equal in size (monomorphic) or variable in size (polymorphic).
Workers are variable in size, have a single pedicel, and a smooth, curved thorax in profile. They are medium-sized, with a single pedicel that is hidden from above and difficult to see.
These are tiny ants, similar in size to the Pharaoh ant, but stocky and darker brown in color.
Leaf cutter ants live outdoors in the soil.  The mounds constructed by the ants are crater-shaped and usually clustered together in a “town”. If you are still unsure about what kind of ant you have, check with your county extension agent or a local pest control professional for assistance. All ants start out as eggs and larvae, but these are not something you normally see, and the immature stages look nothing like an ant. All ants live in large groups or colonies consisting of hundreds of workers, a few reproductive males and females as well as at least one queen.
They would not only feed themselves on the bait but also carry the bait to the Ants in the colony. The active agent that is lethal for Carpenter Ants would have impacted all of their nesting areas. Other times these are found in great numbers where there may be some water leaks or condensation issues in a house.
If you have a case of an extremely high Carpenter Ants infestation, where there are thousands of these ants, then Spraying first and doing a follow-up with bait may make sense. Spraying on Carpenter Ants and spraying on a surface that may be traveled upon by a Carpenter Ants are two very different applications.
For example, when during renovations contractors come across ants nest behind drywall, etc.
Too often, a home is repaired while enough of the pest infestation remains for the colony to recover and infest the repaired areas. Borate-based products and similar treatments are safe, non-toxic ways to eliminate pests such as termites, ants, cockroaches, fleas, and other pests. The crawl space vents should be sealed off to prevent termites, ants, and other pests from accessing them, and the walls and floors should be covered with a durable plastic liner. There is one queen ant that lays all the eggs and one or only a few males that are just there to mate with the queen. The eggs hatch into small grubs, which grow into a particular caste (most are workers, then soldiers).
If they are sugar ants, one will likely find them clustered in a circle around the nearest source of food or sugar, perhaps a stray drop of melted popsicle juice. Carpenter ants can cause quite a bit of damage to one’s home as they burrow through the wood.
One can also spray Home Defense, an insecticide, outside and inside the residence to prevent ants and other pests. Mint, lavender, sage, or tansy can also be planted near the home’s foundation to ward off ants. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify some of the most common species of household ants without a microscope. Most ants also have antennae with a long first segment that creates a bend, or “elbow” in the middle of the antennae.

Because some wasps resemble ants, the presence of these pedicels can distinguish ants from wasps.
In addition, fire ants make conspicuous mounds with no visible entrance holes on the mound itself. Carpenter ants are mostly nocturnal, coming out at night to follow trails along fences, tree limbs, water hoses or other linear objects. Acrobat ants have two pedicels, workers are all the same size, and they have two spines on the thorax.
They are smooth bodied with relatively few hairs, and produce a distinctive, licorice-like, smell when crushed. If you would like to receive Updates automatically, as they are posted, subscribe via RSS feed or by entering your email address in the "Subscribe for Insect News" box below. Carpenter Ants are attracted to the gourmet components of the bait such as carbohydrates and protein contents.
These worker ants will not feed themselves on the bait, but they will take the bait to other classes of ants that would never leave the nest. They are best eliminated by seeking a professional pest control company, such as St Charles Ant Control. Although worker ants, the most abundant members of the ant colony, are wingless, the reproductive caste in the ant colony may have wings.
Wasps may have narrow, even elongated, waists but they lack the distinct nodes characteristic of ants. One of the most characteristic behaviors of the fire ant, however, is its aggressive response to nest disturbance including a vigorous and painful sting.  Fire ants almost always nest outdoors, although they will enter buildings in search of food and water, especially in late summer.
They are attracted to sweets.  Odorous house ants most commonly nest outdoors, but will also nest in bricks and wall voids and other interior locations.
They are frequently seen along sidewalk and house edges, on the trunks of trees and in a variety of outdoor locations.
If damage is minor or removal of the wood is not possible, use a high suction vacuum to remove the ants. Most of the Carpenter Ants would have died behind the scene in their hidden nesting spaces.
These products are only available to Licensed Pesticide Operators and are only deployed by Licensed Exterminators in Ontario.
Because they tend to leave the outer surface of the wood intact, they are extremely difficult to find unless you're specifically looking for them. Try to prevent carpenter ants from becoming an issue by keeping bushes or trees away from the home, watching for water damaged wood, and sealing any openings around the outside of the home. Depending on how many ants there are, Terro could take quite a while to work as the ants carry the bait back and forth to the nest.
One or more times a year, these reproductive ants may fly from the nest (swarming) as part of the mating process.
Some ants nest in trees, either making their own cavities or (more commonly) taking advantage of existing cavities from rot or termite activity. When disturbed, acrobat ants lift their distinctive, heart-shaped gasters into the air as a defensive posture, much like an acrobat might balance on her hands.  Acrobat ants most commonly nest in trees, but will also make their homes in the walls and insulation of structures.
Any wooden areas (porch, tree, veranda, step, door, etc.) which become moist are vulnerable to carpenter ant attack. In cases of very high infestations, there may be dead Carpenter Ants found near the surfaces where they forage. Termites, also social insects, also swarm periodically in structures; however, the distinct waist and elbowed antennae are reliable characters for distinguishing ants from termites.
Such ants, like carpenter and acrobat ants, may occasionally use your home as a substitute for a nest in a tree or other plant. Chemicals bullet ant found in to more spring Underground areas of carpenter modern suicide bombers identify carpenter.
At first, the colony is small, however, in later years the population can increase to 2000-3000 ants.

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