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Weeds rob the soil of nutrients and destroy the clean, healthy look of beautiful landscaping.No matter how much we work at weed prevention, these persistent and invasive unwanted little plants never give up. Florida of all the states has the greatest wealth of native plants suitable for use in our landscapes. In addition, many of the weeds that we battle are doing nothing more than trying to regain their own territory.

Here is a list of the most common weeds that can be found in South Florida lawns.Weeds Begone!Yellow Woodsorrel – Oxalis strictaAnnual to short lived perennial, upright, with single tap root, spreads by seed.
And even though we do have some tools to help battle the weeds and other lawn pests, if you set out to have that “perfect” lawn, be ready to do battle with nature, a continual and lifelong battle.

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