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Measuring between 30 and 40mm long these formidable looking creatures have quite a scary reputation, but are actually thought to be quite docile creatures that only attack when defending their nest. Hornets appear similar to common wasps but are much larger, and chestnut brown and yellow in colour. Liverpool Wasp Control is Liverpool's premier Wasp Nest treatment and general pest control company. The bright yellow and black striping of wasps and hornets is a warning pattern that has been mimicked by many insects to take advantage of the deterrent effect of appearing wasp like. The wasps most often encountered in the UK are the Common or Social Wasp and the German Wasp. Liverpool Wasp Control - Pest Control offers a same day call-out service to safely destroy Hornets and Wasps Nests within your home or garden.

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Wasp Nest Removal ?29.50 Liverpool Wasp Control, Pest Control Liverpool - Merseyside Wasp Nest . Their large stingers are considered no more painful than those of smaller wasps, and they are mainly used to attack insect prey, which they chew up and feed to their larvae.
Like the smaller common wasp their colouring and pattern serves as a warning to predators that they are venomous. As well as distinctive black and yellow stripes, wasps have two pairs of wings (the hind wings being smaller than the fore wings) and tend to be less hairy than bees. Hornets are social insects that live together in 'papery' nests – these are often built in tree hollows, although some have been found in wall cavities and guttering.

They begin nest building and lay eggs that hatch into female workers, who then take over the nest building. Only female wasps have the long distinctive stinger, which they can use repeatedly unlike bees.

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