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Watch video of cicada killer male territorial activity, active burrows, treatment and trapping female from nest entrance (video by B. Cicada killers, Sphecius speciosus  (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae, previously Sphecidae), is a solitary wasp species.
Control options (see Hartup, Townsend 2012) include nesting habitat modification and treating active nest entrances using approved insecticide products a contact insecticide product (Example: a  1% deltamethrin dust product labeled for treating “wasps” in use sites where nests occur such as home perimeters, lawns and bedding areas). They are among several species of “digger wasps” whose females burrow tunnels in soil and provision their nest with prey on which developmental stages or larvae feed.
Treatments applied to active nests, where the quarter-sized entrance holes and freshly excavated soil occurs will kill adult female(s) that contact the insecticide. Timed with emergence of their prey, cicadas, male and female wasp adults emerge from the ground.
Cicada killers and sand wasps are solitary nesting species that dig nesting burrows in turf.

Cicada killers are the largest of the species and mated females find, sting, paralyze and retrieve cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadadae).
However, any eggs laid or developing larvae already present will be unaffected and emerge the next year. Some social wasps such as Southern yellow jackets, and bees such as bumble bees and Africanized honey bees also occasionally nest in the ground. The wasps are highly selective in choosing nesting sites and the same locations often are used year after year. Velvet ants, including cow killers are solitary wasps that are parasitic on ground nesting  bees. They prefer to nest in open areas, but in some locations, build up over years in high numbers due to favorable conditions including nesting habitat and abundant local cicada population levels. Large numbers of wasps occasionally nest in sandy embankments, where they may be a source of concern.

Stingers on female wasps double as the egg laying structure or ovipositor with a venom sac attached.
However, they are very territorial and fight with other males in search of females to mate.
They rarely land and only perch temporarily on objects, so they are unaffected by treatments to active nesting entrances. The only way to reduce the populations of male wasps in a nesting area is to catch them or hit them with a tennis or badminton racquet one at a time!

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