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Liverpool Wasp Control are a premier wasp control and wasp nest treatment specialist, covering Liverpool, Merseyside and Chester. Here at Liverpool Wasp Control, we understand how distressing discovering a wasp nest or wasp nest problem can be. Liverpool Wasp Control team are expertly trained and able to deal with many types of wasp problems.
So whatever pest problem you have, Pest Control Liverpool Wasp provide a safe and reliable service to help you deal with wasp problems. Aigburth L17, Ainsdale PR8, Aintree L10, Allerton L18, Bebington L63, Billinge WN5, Birkdale PR8, Birkenhead CH42, Birkenhead CH41, Bootle L20, Bromborough L62, Caldy CH48, Childwall L16, Churchtown PR9, Eastham L62, Formby L37, Garswood WN4, Gateacre L25, Great Crosby L23, Halewood L26, Heswall CH60, Hoylake CH47, Huyton L36, Irby CH61, Liverpool L3, Newton-le-Willows WA12, Rock Ferry CH42, Southport PR8, St Helens WA10, Upton CH49, Wallasey CH44, Wallasey CH45, Wirral CH46, Wirral CH63, Wirral CH49, Wirral CH48, Wirral CH61, Wirral CH60. There are many DIY products out there for the treatment of wasps nests but to date not one of them advises you that you will undoubtedly get stung many times unless you are completely protected once you start to attack it and are fully knowledgeable and trained as to how to stop them doing so.
Wasps will build their nests in a variety of inconvenient places that will disrupt your daily life such as roof spaces, airbricks, holes in cavity walls, holes in the ground, compost heaps, sheds, hedges and bushes. We will always guarantee all our wasp nest  treatments and any failure will be entitled to a free revisit and treatment. Tip of the day Under no circumstances try to destroy a nest by blocking the entrance to the nest, they will undoubtedly find another way out and if in an airbrick or cavity wall of your house will probably force them to emerge inside. There are over one hundred thousand species of wasps and they can be found living in wall cavities, lofts, hollow trees and bushes. The wasp is one centimetre in length and black and yellow on the side of its neck (thorax) with yellow with black bands on its abdomen. MPC are a small family run pest control service providing safe and affordable wasp control to homes and businesses 7 days a week.
Each year wasps are becoming more of a problem building their nests in lofts, sheds and under roof tiles on properties in Guildford. We use the latest professional pest control equipment to quickly and safely destroy your nest leaving you worry free for the summer. All our wasp nest removal services in Guildford come with our 100% guarantee. Other common signs are to find wasps making their way into your bathroom or bedroom through the light fittings and coming from the loft.
If you have found what looks like a wasp nest in the loft it may not be alive and could be an old dormant nest from a previous year but please never attempt to check this yourself.
Wasp nest removal Guildford have years of experience and by using the appropriate apparatus we can quickly determine what the best method of action is for each nest. How we treat wasps in Guildford Each wasp nest is successfully treated by pumping a very powerful insecticide into the access point the wasps are using to get into their nest, normally under a roof tile or a small gap somewhere.

The Insecticide we use During Wasp Nest Removal is called Ficam d, it is the most effective method and used by wasp and hornet technicians all over the UK because of its easy application and extremely fast results. Booking Your Wasp Nest RemovalWe try to provide our customers with a same day wasp control service.
Wasp in their own way believe it or not can actually help us, they do control the numbers of small insects and get rid of dead insects, but they can sting, which is painful and some people can have very bad allergic reactions to them once stung. Wasp and there food Wasp feed on mainly nectar but you will also see them around fruit, other insects or generally round a rubbish bin. What to do if I think you have a problem with wasps if you see a lot of wasps coming in and out of your property, we advise call a professional Pest Control Company to treat the problem.
Wasp nest treatment only ?29.50 no extra, 100% guarantee with no hidden extras or nasty surprises and same day service. Liverpool Wasp Control can help get your wasp infestation under control, and help you to maintain an environment that is wasp-free. Most of us have been stung by a wasp at sometime in our lives, usually by a lone worker wasp that has got in the way of our daily activity. Our most common species are the Common wasp (Vespa vulgaris) German wasp (Vespa germanica) Norwegian wasp (Dolichovespula norwegica) and in the last 15 years the French or tree wasp (Dolichovespula media) which is in our opinion by far  the most aggressive. Once the entrance is blocked it is extremely difficult for a professional to treat it as this is where we would introduce our chemicals to succesfully destroy it. The social are called that as they usually live and work together in colonies, whereas the solitary wasps rear their families alone. The solitary wasp lives alone and makes a nest for its family, which could be a hole in a tree or the ground. It can be very serious to be stung by a wasp causing a person to die from anaphylactic shock if medical attention is not sort immediately. We used MPC wasp nest removal Guildford who came out and dealt with the nests within hours and were very polite and professional!Nicky Smart - GuildfordWe have used MPC Pest Control for the last 5 years as we always seem to get a few nests around the property.
This way the insecticide is picked up by each returning wasp and carried into the center of the nest killing the queen and any other wasps it touches. When the dust (Ficam d) comes into contact with a wasp it will start to attack the nervous system killing the wasp in a matter of minutes.
If you try to tackle wasps yourself and one stings you, that wasp would release a venom containing pheromone, this causes other wasp from the same colony to become aggressive in turn making the problem worse. Whatever problem you are facing, Liverpool Wasp Control have the necessary equipment to deal with it in a professional way.

Some solitary wasps build small nests from mud and pebbles which they stick together with their saliva.
The queen hibernates in the winter and lays her eggs to start the new colony for the spring.
But it allows enough time for the wasp to make its way back inside the nest contaminating anything it comes into contact with including other wasps and the queens. So killing one wasp sends out a signal to other wasps and then the problem could just get out of control. Anyone who has inadvertently disturbed one will know that they will treat the most minor disturbance as aggressive and utilise a full scale attack on the victim as the best form of defence. By this time an average Common wasp nest will contain 3 to 5 thousand worker wasps who will become extremely protective about the Queen wasp, newly emerging queens, the nests entrance and its immediate airspace. She lays her larvae on the paralysed insect for them to have a supply of fresh food as they grow. Keep an eye out around the guttering and under the tiles for wasps entering the loft space, Also you’ll find them creating a nest in sheds, bushes or just in a hole in a brick wall.
Wasp nest removal is not normally carried out first visit, the nest is treated on the first visit, then the client has the option of leaving the nest where it is, or the pest controller can return to remove the dead nest.
Wasp nest removal or treatments are quick and affective if carried out by a trained pest controller. To kill any wasp nest the queen will have to be killed within it and most DIY treatments do not achieve this leading to the workers being yet more aggressive to any human or animal approaching it. If you make the wasp stressed or angry, it lets off a chemical (pheromone) smell alerting the other wasps to danger, who unlike the rat, mouse or squirrel can become aggressive and cause very serious injuries, even death.
Are wasp dangerous If stung we always advise seeking professional advice from your local GP especially if it’s a child or the elderly that have been stung.
Eventually new queen wasps develop and the cycle begins again leaving the previous wasps to die. If you are having problems with wasps then you need to seek out a company like Kent Pest Control.

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