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Anyone who believes they have been bitten by a black widow spider should try to capture the specimen for positive identification, apply ice to the bite site and seek medical attention.  There is an anti-venom available.
The female will construct a web for capturing insects and other prey and webs can be used to recognize spider activity.  The female will lay her eggs in round silken sacs which may be seen on the web.
I actually had a house plant I brought up from my mum's house who lived in the city of San Diego where I lived in San Jacinto Mtns of Southern California and unknown to me it had been outside for a time and became inhabited with a Black Widow. I just found this spider today on my farm it didn't look like a Black Widow that I ever saw.

Now look at the picture below at what appears to be the Red Back Spider of australia and that southern hemisphere part of the world. It's not the most organized or architectually interesting design, but it is one of the if not the toughest & strongest webs among spiders.
See Redback spider - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Red back spiders appear to have a single red stripe from a distance.
The dragline silk of the Black Widow's is one of the toughest and strongest to be identified thus far.

The only person I personally know that has ever been bitten by a Black Widow was my grandmother.

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