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But other parts of that venom cocktail are only intended for other insects--and only affect other insects. This is why: as of now, the ag industry uses pyrethroids almost exclusively, which work by penetrating insect bodies, attacking their nervous systems, and finally causing paralysis and death. Problem is, these compounds "lack specificity," according to Science Daily, and the compounds pose a danger "to the environment, livestock and humans."Current pesticides, as you likely are aware, are often toxic, can cause cancer, and can devastate ecosystems.

Gurevitz explains: "Two decades ago I realized that scorpion venom is a goldmine for possible insecticidal and therapeutic agents.
This raised the question of how to use them as ecologically-safe agents against insects in a farmer's fields, or in medicinal disorders."Gurevitz set about developing genetic methods for creating and manipulating scorpion toxins in bacteria, which eventually led the researcher to hone in on what could be the most important pesticide development in generations. He continues to pursue an effective mode of delivery for what could be a new insecticide.In other words, thanks to scorpion venom, we may be looking at an effective, ecologically safe pesticide that can single out and target pests.

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