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That is let us assume the relay is normaly held on and a normaly closed pair of contacts are used to drive the bell (ie fail to alarm). A couple of drawbacks with your system would be that if direct sunshine fell onto the photocell it would saturate and the system wouldnt trigger if the beam was broken, you might want to put the photocell at the end of a tube so that the sun cant hit it direct, another issue would be someone shining a torch on the photocell would easily be able to overide it and walk past the beam without triggering it, a solution to this would be a toneburst system, where the laser is modulated at a set frequency, and the photocell circuit made to only respond to this.

If the power to the relay coil also goes through a normaly open pair then when the relay drops out the circuit to the coil is broken. A simple push to make switch across this contact pair will act as a reset and allow the coil to pull in the relay thus closing the normaly open contacts to hold the circuit after the switch is released.

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