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The new Raccoon Dog Proof Trap that is now hitting the trapping market, Clint’s go to DP! This week on Trapping Across America we are interviewing the one and only Jeff Dunlap from Michigan. F&T Fur Harvester’s Trading Post, “Everything you need for Trapping, Hunting with Hounds and Predator Calling”.
Trapping coyotes, bobcats and fox, are Electronic callers or squeakers good for the trap line.
I will also admit that I have used a caller or sound maker more for bobcats than any other predator. We have videos to show you how to kill coyotes with traps and snares for predator control or fur trapping. Looking at Free Trapping Videos » Trapper Radio I made the decision to write a good comment for webmaster. Jeff is one of the guys that makes his living from his fur catches.He has not picked the easy way to make his living, but because he is a dyed in the wool fur trappers he can not help himself. I knew he was stopping by for the night on his way to Arkansas, but this sounded like I had a trapping partner.
We have been trained to trap fox in the open, but if you want to add some silky red fur to your stretchers step in the thick stuff, because the fox are already there.

How to control otter if they are eating fish out of your ponds or fur trapping for their high priced fur.
If you are in the ADC business or are thinking about it, WCS is a company that has what you are looking for and a proven dependable company to work with. One of the ones that I am not sure about is the productiveness of callers or squeaker’s for predators. We also get into trapping raccoons and mink on the creeks and long lining otter in the south. The problem with this change is that trapping close to houses can be challenging at best for the fox trapper.
There is some basic information given, but this DVD is more geared for guys that want to get into the numbers game with steel cable. I haven’t trapped this stretch of river for a couple of years and the reds had made a come back. Mostly these areas are formed by the bank caving in and making a U shape cut in the bank and causes an edge for the trail to run next to. How to control beaver for fur or if they are eating your tree’s or flooding your property. You can catch big coon in a fox snare and if you want to use one loop for both critters, you should lower your 7-8 inch loop a couple of inches.

One thing to consider when fox trapping in the thick stuff is the great North American marsupial and he is always the fastest set finder in the woods. One other trick to make a snare the right height for multiple sized animals is to set your snares on downward grades on the trail.
This may have not been a bobcat taker, but the raccoon would travel a long way to see what was making the noise. I can miss 99% of the opossums with a snare but I can’t say the same thing for footholds.
Here one needs to look for humps that rise above the high water mark, to stay in the foxes travel way.
When you set up this trail, always gang set the trail to account for the coon that will also be using the trail.

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