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Sundews (Drosera): These sticky plants are great for trapping fruit flies and fungus gnats.
Our Bug Lady, Maria Keating added one more excellent suggestion, a small Sundew, a plant trap, that can be kept in the kitchen right next to your food scraps bucket.
Filling an indoor organic-waste bin with fruit peels, coffee grinds and meat scraps is one way to do right by the environment, but it is also a recipe for a fruit-fly problem. Trap them: In a small container, combine half a cup of fruit juice, two drops of vinegar and two drops of liquid dish soap and seal the container with plastic wrap.
An effective DIY method for trapping and eliminating, to use an euphemism, utilizes everyday items you probably already have in the house.
Small low glass container of apple cider vinegar covered tightly with plastic wrap, then punch holes in the plastic wrap and set the container near your kitchen compost bin.

White Line Sphinx Moths, also known as Hawk Moths, are fairly large moths and behave much like a hummingbird, flitting about, hovering above flowers and using its very long tongue (or proboscis) to reach into the flower and drink the nectar.
Fruit flies are, as the name implies, attracted to ripe fruit, and often the produce you bring home from the grocer contains fly eggs that may hatch in a matter of hours. You reach your fruit bowl, practically feeling the sweet juiciness dribbling down your chin, when to your horror you see a mini swarm of fruit flies having a raging party on top of that prized peach. Even wine (fermented fruit!) poured down the sink drain can create an unfortunate hot spot. In the summer, when compost can become stinkier than usual, fruit flies are all the more attracted to those rotting banana peels and will breed by the hundreds. The fermenting vinegar and fruit juice will attract adult flies and the soap will kill them.

Summer’s pleasures are innumerable, but the season’s heat does have a gross downside: the invasion of fruit flies. If you’ve ever opened the lid and had a whole mess of flies come charging out, once is enough. Hot weather speeds up the ripening (and fermentation) of fruit, which draws droves of the bugs to feed on the sweet stuff like it’s going out of style. Leave it out on the counter near your greatest fruit fly infestation spot, and you’ll be surprised at how effectively it works.

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