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When you see the first few ants, you can sponge them (and the surrounding area) with soapy water to eliminate the pheromone trail. Practicing good sanitation practices is one of the best ways to make your home less attractive to ants. They will typically live outdoors very close to the house, and eventually enter your house in search of food and water. If you take some time to figure out where ants are entering the house, you can usually track them back to a nest. The best natural remedy we have found for eradicating carpenter ants is Diatomaceous Earth (DE). In order to get rid of a colony of carpenter ants, DE must be injected directly into the nest.
I’d like to know more about this method as I don’t like to kill anything either! Aspartame will kill them and the ants that take it back to the nest will take care of the whole colony. They can be applied to almost anything – figuring out who ate a sticky snack on the couch, busting the person who wore muddy shoes into the house, and more importantly, identifying the entry point of an army of ants invading our house. Immediately work to figure out where they’re getting into your house, and begin placing homemade ant bait at the entry points.

They will carry the bait back to the nest, unable to differentiate between the borax and sugar, and the borax particles will eventually kill the entire colony. It’s easiest if you kill all the ants in sight, then watch for new ants to appear to determine their general entry point. Its microscopic razor sharp edges will cut through the body of insects, drying them out and killing them. It took a lot and we had to refresh it ut I didn’t end up killing them as I am a bit soppy. I had just heard the idea of using a shovel to put some of the ants from one mound onto another mound.
We recently moved to the Mojave Desert area in Cali and there are more friggin ants here then back in TX!
Some species will come looking for food AND water in your house, and others (like carpenter ants) actually like to nest in moist places. Ants in my kitchen are the reason I came DIY Natural today and before I can even do a search there is a link to the blog post I’m looking for right on the front page.
I have found that if I spray the baseboards all the way around the inside of my house first, wait a few days to spray the base of the house outside, it pretty much takes care of the pests. Fill tiny containers (such as bottle caps) with this homemade bait and place them as close to the place where you suspect ants are entering your house.

The more ants that are allowed to find the bait and carry it back, the faster the colony will die off. You will typically find carpenter ant nests in moist wood in foundations, decks, wood piles near your house, trees, gaps between boards, etc. If you spray the outside of the house first, you will run all the pests inside, and, that would be defeating the purpose. This prevents most of them from traveling all around your house if they have easy access to this sugary treat. He told me that while they will go after sugars and such, what generally attracts those small ants into the home is moisture. One of the best remedies is for a natural flea killer and repellent for fleas on your pets, both inside and outside, using borax, peroxide, and water.

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