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Category: Pest Control Tips | 15.01.2014
I was looking to identify the bug below for my neighbor, but she ID'ed it herself with help from an ag consultant: it's a red velvet mite. They start appearing in early spring, after a bit of warm weather, crawling on the window sills: Tiny red bugs, so small that some people mistake them for dust. It's very small - about the size of a wood tick (regular dog tick, not the smaller deer tick), and very bright red.

Just as I got your comment, my neighbor e-mailed me with a definitive ID - it's a red velvet mite. Its reddish-brown coloring makes it easy to identify; when crushed, it might leave behind a red stain, which is pigmentation, not blood. Preventative pesticide treatments aren’t particularly effective, either, because it is difficult to predict when the tiny arachnids will become a problem.

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