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Soldiers – they do exactly what their names suggests – protect the colony against predators, who are most likely ants. Seeing termite swarmers most likely means there is a larger termite colony problem somewhere close by. South Carolina’s most prevalent termite is the Eastern Subterranean Termite and this species is known for its swarmers.
While neither ants nor termites are ideal house guests, termites will cause much more destruction and damage than a winged ant.
If you are finding discarded insect wings all over your house, or if you are seeing small, winged insects emerging from your walls, it is very likely that you are dealing with a termite swarm.
Termite swarmers are often confused with flying ants and it is very difficult to tell them apart.
For many homeowners, the first obvious sign of termite infestation is a swarm of flying insects. Most subterranean termites swarm in the spring or summer, while drywood termites typically swarm in the late summer or fall. Flying ants have antennae that are bent in the middle, a pair of long wings and a pair of short wings.
Swarm season for flying ants depends on the species; each species may swarm at a different time in the year. While some homeowners may think of ants as just a nuisance, some ant species can damage homes and buildings. Due to their unique biology and behavior, termites and ants require different control methods. There are three major groups of termites which occur in the United States: dry wood, subterranean and Formosan.

Drywood termites are found in a narrow geographic band that extends from the coastal Carolinas along the southernmost borders of the U.S, all the way to California.
Termites don't distinguish between the wood in your home and the wood in the forest to satisfy their nutritional needs. Termites need moisture to survive and will die if exposed to sunlight or open air for more than a few minutes. A termite bait station monitoring system to monitor termite activity and bait placements after detection. Control Measures: With current activity use a baiting program or a termite barrier treatment.
While both species have four wings, the termite wings are all the same size and the ant wings have noticeably larger wings in the front as compared to the hind pair. Carpenter ants can do significant structural damage, but are more a nuisance than a structural problem. Left undetected or ignored, the termite queen can produce millions and millions of termites in her 50 year lifespan! If you suspect you have swarming termites, don’t hesitate and call the pest control pros Cayce Exterminating right away.
These winged termites are the reproductive caste of the termite colony and they are taking flight in search of a mate to start a new colony.
If you see flying insects in and around your home, contact your pest control expert for positive identification of ants, termites and other wood-destroying insects.
Termites are identified by the appearance of the swarmers, their damage, and the droppings they leave behind. Subterranean termites cause about 95% of the termite-related damage found in the United States.

According to some estimates, over $2 billion is spent annually controlling or preventing termite infestations.
The highly structured nature of the colonies allows termites to adapt more to ever-changing environments. Foundations are usually built above the water table, and below the frost line, where termites typically live. The protozoa that live in their gut break down the cellulose into simpler compounds for the termites to absorb. Termites only need a crack of one-sixty-fourth inch in the slab floor to gain entrance into your home. Pest control experts are trained to distinguish between flying ants and termites based on a few physical characteristics. High moisture areas like basements and crawl spaces are very attractive to termites and can serve as starting points for an infestation. Once in, termites can infest virtually any part of your home -- wood trim, siding, wallboard, even picture frames.
If you have seen termites or the signs of a termite swarm at your home, contact Parkway Pest Services! We have been providing solutions to termite problems in Syosset, Woodbury and throughout the New York Metro area since 1932 and we know just what to do.

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