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Keep firewood stacks from housing termites One way to prevent the arrival of termites in the house is to keep stacked wood off the ground and away from exterior walls. Termites are social insects that form colonies that can number in the hundreds or thousands of individual members. Termites and Borers: A Home Owner's Guide to their Detection, Prevention and Control - by Phillip W. They look similar, but flying ants have a very narrow waist while termites have a broader waist.

Blake Layton, entomologist with the MSU Extension Service, urged those with fireplaces not to stack wood against the outside wall of the house.
Andy Londo, an Extension and research professor in Mississippi State University’s Forest and Wildlife Research Center, said incorrectly stored firewood can attract termites, ants and other pests. Make sure woodpiles are convenient to the house, but not touching the building to lessen the termite threat. Non-native Formosan termites are found in 26 Mississippi counties, mostly in the southern part of the state, but they are spreading.

The best approach to keeping a home safe from termites is to treat the house before there is a problem, making conditions unfavorable for termites to enter the building. Wood, whether it is firewood or lumber, left near the slab or foundation for prolonged periods of time can lead to a termite infestation.

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