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As termites are fond of wood, they can slowly but surely destroy the structure of your house if the problem is overlooked.
It’s advisable that precautionary measures are followed before houses are built to help prevent termite invasions. Termites are social insects living in colonies that may include several hundred to several million individuals depending on the species and the habitat.
With the extensive developments in Hong Kong in the past years, many natural habitats of termites have been destroyed and replaced by new ones in landscapes in parks, buildings, roads, etc.
Termite control and management are complex jobs that require specialist knowledge, experience and equipment to ensure termite activity is detected and systematically eliminated.
We can serve you with a complete and systematic termite control program including the inspection, treatment and protection phases. If your premises are under termite threats, your best choice is to undergo our TERMITE CONTROL PROGRAM including INSPECTION, TREATMENT and PROTECTION. Once your order is confirmed, our termite control specialists will visit your premises to conduct a thorough inspection to detect termite activity, evidence of damage and potential areas of risk.
After the inspection, our termite control specialists will recommend a most suitable treatment method for you. A selected insecticide will be applied to the infested areas or directly into the nest to destroy a termite colony. Termite baiting systems use non-repellent baits with slow-acting insecticides in areas with termite activity.
Elimination of one termite colony does not guarantee future attack by other colonies in the vicinity. Our termite control specialists will visit your premises at regular intervals to conduct thorough inspections to check for any termite activity or potential risk of infestation.
Bait stations with termite preferred food will be strategically placed around your premises where termites are likely to forage for food. Once termites are attracted to any bait station, a selected termiticide (insecticide used to kill termite) will be added to the bait to eliminate the new colony.

For owners of building projects, you may consider pretreating the land, buildings or other susceptible structures to protect them from termite attack. Termite resistant materials such as stainless steel mesh, sand, granite or basalt of suitable size will be used to establish a physical barrier to prevent the entry of termites into the structures.
Old trees, landscape timbers or wooden decks, if infested with termites, can be a source of a building infestation. Our professional arborists and termite control specialists can help if you have termite threat in your garden and landscaping. If you are not currently covered by a termite program, have questions about your current protection or think you may have termites, call Pestban for a free inspection. Installed around the perimeter of your home with a low profile, the system is buried discretely in the soil, hard to see for you but easy to find for termites.  Our technicians service and maintain the stations routinely. As termites come in contact with the non-repellent material, they become “carriers” transferring the deadly material like a virus, eliminating the termite colony and preventing the damage they may cause. This program combines the best of what In-ground termite stations AND Non-repellent liquid have to offer while reducing unnecessary pesticide use.  Our termite stations are installed and inspected regularly and is the primary treatment.
Pestban is a full service Pest Control company specializing in the Pestban Built-In Pest Control System and Termite Programs for new homes.
Knowing some facts about these insects may help in controlling and eradicating them from your home. The professionals that handle termite control Orange County and Irvine pest companies offer are knowledgeable about these different species, and they will provide homeowners with the appropriate solutions to address the problem. For example, the wood used in construction is usually treated with chemicals to resist termites and other pests. As a result, report of termite damages has been increasing and termite threats are not uncommon to homeowners or property management. Special equipment of latest technology such as moisture meter, borescope, infrared camera, and sound or microwave detection devices may also be deployed in locating termites. The delayed action of the insecticide enables transmission of the lethal agent to other termites and the entire colony could then be destroyed.

A basic method to prevent re-infestation is to eliminate favorable conditions that attract termites. Therefore, good landscape practices together with a professional termite control program could not only avoid property damage but also minimize risk of body injury caused by landscape defects. During this time, one of our professional termite specialists will examine your home and discuss options for the best program to keep you safe from these tiny home wreckers.
This includes maintaining the station components, monitoring termite feeding and re-loading the active ingredient when necessary.
We also offer Conventional Pest Control, Post Construction Termite Programs, Wildlife Services and Mosquito Control Services. Termites are among the most common pests that invade and start the deterioration of houses.
As indicated by the name, these termites need moisture, and they thrive in wet or moist wood.
Termites often infest landscape and building structures and cause damage to trees, wood panels, flooring, furniture, paper products, utility facilities, etc. Once you observe that your home is infested with termites, immediately seek the services of termite control Irvine or Orange County offers. The best course of action, though, may be to contact the services of termite inspection Orange County and Irvine residents trust.
Subterranean termites, the third species, come from the soil, and they usually attack building foundations.

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