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There is much confusion (even ignorance) among the uninformed, as to what exactly do termites look like.
Finally, the alates (winged reproductives) of termites have 4 wings which are all similarly sized, but ants have 2 larger wings plus 2 smaller wings. Termites may be rather challenging and unlike cockroaches, they might demand special techniques and tools to eliminate them fully. To set the record straight, termites have broad waists and a more or less, rounded body with no curves. Ants are all generally regarded as workers without such caste specialization, unlike termites.

The most usual insect infestations are associated with termites, spiders, cockroaches, bedbugs, mites, and ants. Then it is likely that a chemical pesticide will probably be utilized, if the main offenders are bugs like termites or cockroaches. That’s why termite workers are able to clean their antennae by bending it at will at any time, by turning it into their mouths. Cockroaches are relatively simple to kill with pesticides and some of the pesticides applied to roaches may also kill termites. Termite repellent may also be applied to various areas to be able to deter the entry of termites.

In the event the construction has already been infested by termites and there has been critical termite damage, the pest management specialist may need to employ a strong termite killing substance to eradicate them.

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