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Termites have evolved many defenses to protect themselves from predation by ants, including protective tubes and producing armed soldiers.
How to get rid of termites: The best way to properly protect your home from a termite attack in Adelaide depends on variables like size, construction, soil type etc. Although swarming reproductive termite and ant specimens do somewhat resemble one another, there are distinct physical characteristics that will help in identifying them. When ants are able to overcome these defenses, they will consume termites, but would never consume all the termites of a large colony like a subterranean termite colony. Both ants and termites will produce reproductives with wings to ensure the survival of the colony.

You can try to spot-eliminate an ant infestation, but nothing’s going to be effective unless you find the colonies and nests where the critters live.
Also called white ants, termites cause more damage to Adelaide and Australian homes each year than fire and flood combined. The termite’s antennae are long and straight, while the ant’s antennae are elbowed with a bend in them. For that, you need a Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection (PPI) to report on termite and borer activity, fungal decay and issues like ventilation and damp likely to cause future termite problems. Please visit our Pre Purchase Building Inspection service for termite control and white ant control.

Sadly, every day at Murray’s we see the heart breaking damage termites cause to homes where owners thought they had nothing to worry about. Start with a Visual Termite Inspection & Report (VTIR), by a qualified Murray’s technician.

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