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For Termite Control in existing as well as new buildings, soil treatment with chemical is essential in order to protect buildings against termite attack. Any of the following chemicals conforming to relevant Indian Standard in water emulsion may be used for the soil treatment in order to protect a building from termite attack. We will send a technician ASAP to conduct a Termite Inspection & quote on Termite Treatment. Australian Standards in relation to Termite Treatment requires that when live termites are found that attempts are carried out to destroy the entire colony, so a thorough Termite Inspection is required to try to locate the termite nest (or termite nests).

A thorough Termite Inspection will be undertaken generally for an hour or longer, including inside and outside your building, including the ceiling and garden.
Following the Termite Inspection our Pest Controller will be able to advise you on Termite Treatment options and Termite Treatments cost. Remedial Termite Treatments can then be applied for Termite Protection from any future termite infestations. Disturbance is the major cause of Termite Treatment failure.  The below tips will help when Termites have been discovered.

If some Termites have been displaced, try collecting these for faster analysis of the species. However, generally Termite Treatment requires a combination of methods including Contaminant Dusts and Aggregation or Termite Baits so that the Termite Treatment is able to pass from the worker termites to the rest of the Temite Colony.

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