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Soldiers – they do exactly what their names suggests – protect the colony against predators, who are most likely ants. Kings and Queens – their job is to reproduce rapidly – the queen can produce 20,000 to 30,000 eggs a day with the potential life span of 50 years! Seeing termite swarmers most likely means there is a larger termite colony problem somewhere close by.
South Carolina’s most prevalent termite is the Eastern Subterranean Termite and this species is known for its swarmers.

While neither ants nor termites are ideal house guests, termites will cause much more destruction and damage than a winged ant.
Left undetected or ignored, the termite queen can produce millions and millions of termites in her 50 year lifespan!
If you suspect you have swarming termites, don’t hesitate and call the pest control pros Cayce Exterminating right away.
Look for evidence of dead or dried swarmers or their wings in or around window sills, spider webs, or in your porch or deck lights.

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