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When performing a spot treatment behind a wall it is very important to drill directly into the affected stud and foam into the termite galleries as well as the void on either side of the stud. Termidor FOAM is a new product that has been released by the same manufacturer as Termidor SC. Termidor Foam is the same great product Termidor, in a convenient ready to use pressurized foam can. Termidor Foam is the same great product as Termidor SC with fipronil, but comes in a convenient ready to use pressurized foam can. Termidor Foam is not a substitute for other termite control methods including mechanical alteration, soil or foundation treatment.
Termidor Foam is a product that utilizes the same active ingredient as the concentrate product, Termidor SC.

Here I have just made a small incision with my screw driver to show that it was completely hollow and I applied Termidor foam to eradicate this current activity.
Once the holes are in place on each side, inject the foam into each hole for 5-10 seconds, allowing the foam to expand but slide down the sides of the studs where they would travel. Termidor FOAM is an RTU product (ready-to-use product), which means that there is no mixing involved with preparing to use this product.
Termidor Foam as a non repellent insecticide is effective on termites, ants and other listed pests. I couldn't pinpoint the colony so I used a thin screwdriver to drive numerous small holes through the drywall along the baseboards, then inserted the nozzle (very small), and pressed the button for around 5-6 seconds (quart of foam) per each hole.
Not only will Termidor Foam work well for termites, but can solve the trickiest ant problems both inside and outside.

Hint: pinch the tubing closed as you move from hole to hole to keep the foam from leaking onto the floor. Termidor FOAM ultimately gives you the same control that you have already recognized and relied on from other Termidor products. Remember that Termidor FOAM should be applied to and used in target areas according to the product label instructions.

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