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Insect bites are not easily identified but for most skin types there are something significant about bed bug bite marks.
Carefully examine your skin rash and if it looks anything close like the picture beside then it's worth inspecting your bed for a possible infestation. The University of Kentucky carried out an interesting study on how people experienced bedbug bite symptoms. Flea BitesTo help you identifying bed bug bites it's best to compare it with those of other biting pests. Weird Bites On Arm Not rated yetYesterday around 10pm I noticed these bumps on my arm.

Bites Not rated yetOn waking I noticed a round circle on the upper thigh which is itching. That's why their bites on average look more severe comparing  to those of other insects such as mosquitoes. Therefore the biting pattern or trail they leaving behind may only become evident after accumulated fluid reduces.
It only takes a few minutes and can help you getting to the bottom line sooner.Typically bed bug bite marks stay for 3 to 4 days before fading away but if you are known to be more sensitive to allergies than the average person, the bumps can stay much longer.
Included in their research list is a breakdown on which skin areas this critters prefer to bite.

It is thought that they bite repeatedly until they find a pleasing blood vessel.Another probability is they are disturbed by a victim's movement. Relatives in my family take allergy shots so I believe I'm reacting extremely bad to whatever is biting …Click here to write your own. Though it would not be considered uncommon to find a single bite, three or more bumps in a rough line is your most significant clue of a bedbug rash.

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