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But, the guy with the morning paper stretched out across the steering wheel, who is blowing puffs of smoke out the window and reading while driving might actually be the more dangerous of the three.
If the person in the next car is looking like they are having some sort of convulsive episode while slapping at their head and then their windshield, it is possible that they are trying to avoid getting stung by the yellow jacket that just flew through their window. If you think people driving while drunk is a distraction, you haven’t been in the passenger seat when someone sucks liquid down their wind pipe.
Sometimes, it is hard to resist flipping other drivers off and yelling at the top of your lungs when someone cuts you off. A friend of one of our technicians was mowing their yard and happened to mow right over the top of a yellow jacket nest in the ground.

In another incident, a ceiling collapsed onto a couple while they were sleeping due to yellow jackets eating their way through the drywall. While you are asking yourself how any of these jokers ever obtained a license, you start to think about all the distractions drivers have to put up with today.
It’s hard to convince people in a panic that it is better to remain calm, be stung, and actually maintain control of the car than to cause a six car pile up on the way home from work.
You are not looking at the road, your hands are off the wheel, and you probably didn’t even notice that your car swerved across the yellow line into on coming traffic. Then to add insult to injury, they shorten the duration of the yellow light to ensure that unsuspecting drivers will slam on their brakes hard and cause a rear end collision in an attempt to avoid getting a ticket.

One of Preferred Pest Control's very own technicians was stung earlier this week while walking around the outside of his home.
Because of the mower's noise, they were not able to hear the wasps, which ended up his pant leg, sending them into anaphylactic shock.
It’s hard to pay attention to the road when a person is preoccupied with dreaming while their eyes are shut at 45 miles per hour in a 30 mile an hour zone.

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