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To put the size in perspective, the Florida Bark Scorpion is much large than the two native Georgia species.  Here, a Florida bark scorpion in a resting pose with my index finger tip as size reference.
Found a couple of scorpions in our house in North Georgia and thanks to your pictures and great writeup we were able to identify them.
Also, venoms of fire ants are quite different from that of scorpions but both are very complex proteins. Unfortunately no scorpion pictured in this article fits the ones I’ve found in my house.
I live in Valdosta Georgia and have found scorpions in our house as well as out near our chicken coop. I have lived at my current location is south Cherokee County for 27 years and always have scorpions in and around the house .

I have been over run with scorpions and my house sprayed as they were dropping in my bed but I still have them. I have seen Three different types of scorpions there A black one a lite tan and a gray one at times . I always thought they were bark scorpions, but they don’t seem to fit any of your pics.
I have found 2 brown scorpions in my kitchen in the past week and I’m not sure what kind they are but I do have a up close pic I could send you.
Mywife is very paranoid because of the bad reputation scorpions have and we have a 10 month old daughter. I did not know scorpions were found in GA, that is why I googled scorpions in Georgia, and found your website.

When Orkin sprays the numbers are low but we have found as many as 12 scorpions in our home in one week. I hope that large scorpion was a fluke since this area is within mile of where I intend to buy 6 acres.

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