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Three years after they were first detected, the number of spotted-wing drosophila fruit flies in the Netherlands has exploded. The first fruit flies with red eyes and a dark spot at the top of their wings were spotted in the Netherlands in 2012. Despite the rapid rise of the harmful fruit fly there are definitely ways of preventing damage. Once a major infestation of the fruit occurs, chemical pesticides remain the only efficient weapon. Despite the increasing problems, Helsen is convinced that it will eventually become possible to again cultivate soft fruit in the Netherlands without worries. A fruit fly that has given growers in the western United States fits has made its way to the Sunshine State and may spread throughout the Southeast, University of Florida researchers say.
Of thousands of known species of Drosophila fruit flies, just one is known as a crop pest, depositing eggs inside ripening fruit so its maggots can feed and grow.

UNSW scientists have achieved a world first, publishing the complete DNA sequence of the Queensland fruit fly – a development that will improve both biosecurity and methods for controlling this global horticultural pest. The largest ape to roam Earth died out 100,000 years ago because it failed to tuck into savannah grass after climate change hit its preferred diet of forest fruit, scientists suggest. A study at Penn State found that when tall goldenrod plants sense the sex attractant released by male fruit flies, they produce their own chemical defenses. However, when goldenrod plants in the wild had been exposed to male fruit fly’s amorous odor, the plants tended to harbor fewer egg-laying sites.
No one knows if roses take time in life to stop and smell the humans, but some plants take action when they smell insect pests.
Those defenses make the plants less appealing to female fruit flies looking for a place to lay their eggs.
The mesh can be cut to length.Pest Net, or Pest Screen, provides cover protection for the plants.

Only by leaving rotting or damaged fruit underneath the plant will larvae be able to develop into the next generation of fruit flies.
This may offer a solution for the treatment of, say, blueberries, where part of the fruit is left beneath the plant inevitably.
The attack isn’t deadly, but plants serving as fruit fly nurseries tend to produce fewer and smaller seeds.

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