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The mouse catcher is an eco-friendly, clean & convenient, humane mouse trap that is safer for use around children and pets.
The Mouse catcher has a stable and non-tip design, caught mice are not able to tilt or tip over the trap. Also referred to as sticky mouse traps and sticky boards, these highly effective yet humane traps are a favourite, backed up by many good reviews. If you need an item in a rush or require a secure tracked service then optional shipping upgrades are available at checkout at an extra cost.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. There's no trap or snap, no pet's paws or little one's fingers getting caught, and no sticky glue or poison. Allowing the rat to be freed after it has been caught means that there is no inhumane pain inflicted onto the mouse.
Here you can find much information about electric rat trap manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers.

Once baited in the centre with something that a mouse can't resist you simply have to sit back and wait until the rat gets caught.
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