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Stop spiders from coming into your house even before they start sizing it up with this outdoor spider control surface spray. Fun FactsSPIDERS, SPIDERS, EVERYWHERESpiders are found on every continent except Antarctica and there are around 40,000 different species in the world.
GETTING RID OF A HUNTSMAN SPIDERCommonly known as house spiders, they’re more frightening than dangerous and there are easy, humane and simple ways to deal with unexpected visitors of the eight-legged kind.

It’s designed to kill spiders outside fast — yes, even the big spiders — keeping your home surfaces protected and cobweb-free for up to 6 months. Any spider — poisonous, hairy, big or small — that comes into contact with the spray will die quickly.
Spray all infested areas and insect hiding places such as eaves, around foundations, under window frames, behind downpipes, under gutters, air vents and crackers and crevicies.

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