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Our daughter is nearly 3, and has a love of spiders you can't imagine -- engendered from, I think, the "Miss Spider" stories (like the stories, she usually asks them if they would like to share her courtesy and have some tea).
But, when I see that big display (costco or elsewhere) of very green bananas, I admittedly get a little freaked out after hearing about the poisonous exotic tropical spider incidents coming in with bananas and other Central.
They are the most common spider to be bitten by and their bites are sometimes mistaken for that of the Brown Recluse. The Yellow Sac Spider's venom is cytotoxic which is similar to that of the Brown Recluse but it is not nearly as potent.

A typical bull’s eye lesion may form with the surrounding area gradually becomes red, swollen and painful. Although their venom is not nearly so dangerous as the Recluse, the bite can sometimes leave heavy swelling and even open sores.
Sorry, but these are dangerous spiders, and dangerous spiders don't get to live in my house. The problem with yellow sac spiders, as I understand it, is that they don't wait for insects to fly into their web, but instead they go out at night and hunt them down. And they're pretty aggressive spiders, so if they encounter you staggering across their hunting path on your way to the bathroom in the dark one night, they don't hesitate to bite.

The venom of this spider has only been tested on animals and studies on rabbits indicate that the venom may cause massive local tissue destruction and that serious internal hemorrhage may develop.

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