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Next time you buy grapes at the grocery store, you might want to check for black widow spiders before grabbing your snack. After Mike O’Neil sat down to eat his 1kg bag of white seedless grapes he picked up from the Australia Fair Woolworths store, he thought he saw a hair in the bag. On closer inspection it wasn’t a hair he was looking at though, but masses of spiders webs. Mr O’Neil took a photo of the remaining spider and the webs left behind, and took the bag back to the store.

These spiders are known to cause some uncomfortable side effects for those who are unfortunate enough to receive a bite, including nausea, headaches, muscle aches and pains, and sweating. Looking closer he noticed two venomous arachnids, redback spiders, crawling around in his fruit. The grocery store issued a statement saying it will inspect the product it sells and contacted the company that supplied the grapes. According to the report, a black widow spider was found in produce at another of the grocery chain’s store years ago.

A quick check of the Internet reveals similar stories; apparently, black widow spiders hitch a ride in grapes more often than you can imagine.

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