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When they make their way to electrical equipment, they chew through wires and electrocute themselves, which makes the release a compound that attracts other ants, in an effort to call for help. I came home from work to go on my computer and found a trail of ants coming from my mouse, I took the mouse outside and found out that there was a ant colony in my mouse.
Traditional ant traps don't seem to work on these ants, and they form super colonies which can quickly re-infest anywhere that's been treated with insecticides. The ants started showing up in Houston and Florida in 2002 and in the last decade have spread all throughout the Gulf coast. The Florida carpenter ant complex is comprised of several species, two of which are common around structures: Camponotus floridanus (Buckley) and Camponotus tortuganus (Emery).
In a survey of common urban pest ant species covering four metropolitan areas of Florida (Daytona-Orlando, Tampa Bay area, Sarasota-Ft. The antennae of Florida carpenter ants are 12-segmented, with the terminal segment being slightly elongated and bullet-shaped, and without a club. Carpenter ants foraging in homes can be in search of sweets or moisture, or even new nesting sites, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, or other rooms that have water leaks from plumbing or leaks around doors and windows. Carpenter ants, like many other ants, will trail along wires or cables that may be attached to homes and serve frequently as access routes for them to enter attics and other above ground areas. Cooperative Extension Service, University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Thief ants are among the most abundant insects in the midwest, but most people will never see them. Made from a test tube, cotton, and water, this simple setup is sufficient for most ant species. Spring is springing here in the midwest and the ants have tunneled out from their winter hibernation. This post does not show all the ants from the midwest (you can find a comprehensive list here).
Ants found in midwestern houses are more likely to be Tapinoma sessile than any other species.
Among the first species that students of North American ants learn is Tapinoma sessile, the odorous house ant. Scientific names of most species are stabilized by anchoring them- in a legal framework- to physical specimens kept in museums.

While people may think of ants as pests, only a few of our species infest homes or cause problems for agriculture. The two most conspicuous insects on our front walkway are Lasioglossum soil-nesting bees and Tetramorium pavement ants. The new study found that these crazy ants are breeding so quickly they are pushing out every other kind of ant in every area they invade, often within a year. Camponotus floridanus is found widely distributed throughout Florida and some neighboring states, while C.
Female alate (reproductive) of the Florida carpenter ant, Camponatus floridanus (Buckley).
Adult workers, and brood (larvae and pupae) of the Florida carpenter ant, Camponatus floridanus (Buckley). Florida carpenter ant workers, Camponatus floridanus (Buckley), from neighboring colonies fighting.
House-Infesting Ants of the Eastern United States, Their Recognition, Biology, and Economic Importance. The start of anting season is the perfect time to present a guide to the common urban ants of the region.
Rather, these are the most abundant species active above ground in urban gardens, sidewalks, and homes.
These are small brown ants with single small waist segment and a distinctive cheesy odor when crushed.
These key name-bearing specimens are called types, and they are useful in resolving arguments concerning the validity of names, or whether a particular name ought apply to a particular population of organisms. On balance ants are beneficial insects, playing vital ecosystem roles aerating soil, recycling nutrients, and serving as predators or prey in the great fabric of nature. 1995 found that infestations of Florida carpenter ants accounted for approximately 20% of all ant complaints by homeowners. The large relatively large size of the queens indicates a species capable of raising new colonies from workers fed entirely on the body reserves of young queens like this one. In addition to meeting a pile of exceptionally friendly people, I spent time with my myrmecologist friends Andrea Lucky and Lloyd Davis, hunting ants at Paynes Prairie State Park, Austin Cary Forest, and elsewhere around Gainesville. As the first workers of this species are raised from the queen’s body reserves, the young colony will not require food until workers emerge.

Pavement ants are predatory, and yesterday afternoon I snapped this series of a bee in trouble. The adults that emerge from this brood will be small ants called minums, and they take over the queen's brood-tending functions so she can concentrate on laying eggs.
Carpenter ants are finicky eaters and tend not to recruit in large numbers to any food source thus decreasing the efficacy of insecticidal baits.
In Georgia, there are two pest species of primary importance: the black carpenter ant (Camponotus pennsylvanicus) and the Florida carpenter ant (Camponotus floridanus). Black carpenter ants are dull black and their abdomens are covered by yellowish hairs, while the Florida carpenter ant has a deep reddish-colored head and thorax and a shiny, black abdomen (Figure 2). Since ants from a single carpenter ant nest vary greatly in size, ant size alone is usually not a good characteristic for identification.
To confirm their identify, collect a few ants in a vial filled with a preservative such as rubbing alcohol, and send them to a Cooperative Extension Service county agent. Ants emerge about 15 minutes after sundown and leave the nest in large numbers in search of food, traveling up to hundreds of feet from the nest on semi-permanent trails (Figure 6). Unlike other pest ant species, carpenter ants create semi-permanent trails through the grass from their nest to areas where they collect food. In the evening, ants can be seen using these trails as they emerge from and return to their nest. Some examples of where carpenter ants have been found nesting inside are in moisture-damaged wood around chimneys and skylights, under bathtubs, inside dishwashers, in wall voids beneath window sills, inside hollow doors and door frames, under fiberglass insulation in crawl-spaces, and in wall voids in wood porch supports and columns, under siding and wood shingles, and in moisture-damaged eaves.
In general, wood suffering from moisture damage will attract and be used by carpenter ants as nest sites because damp wood is easier for the ants to chew than sound, dry wood.
If a nest is present, you will see ants moving up and down the trunk as they leave from and return to the nest with food (Figure 10).
For liquid baits, soak a small cotton ball and place it on a piece of aluminum foil in areas where ants have been seen. Foraging carpenter ants often enter structures by bridging to roofs and siding from tree branches in contact with these surfaces.

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