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Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos. As far as the meaning of the bumble bee tattoo is concerned, it stands for a number of emotions and traits.
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Etched on the wrist, the bumble bee looks very alluring and symbolizes the non violent nature of the wearer. Sitting on the pumpkin, the smiling bumble bee looks super pleasant and makes for a cute tattoo design. Engraved on the wrist, the bumble bee tattoo has got very fine details and looks quite real.
Small but elegant bumble bee tattoo, that stands for the humble and dutiful nature of the wearer looks very decent.
Carved on the shin, the black and yellow bumble bee symbolizes the desire of the wearer to lead a structured life.
This lovely bumble bee with popping eyes and a big face, looks very sweet and is a symbol of bliss. Sitting behind the ear, the bumble bee looks elegant and serves as an inspiration for the wearer to inculcate integrity in herself. Sweet and simple tattoo, created on the back, looks nice and stands for the girl’s dutiful nature just like the bumble bee.

Play with the expressions of the bumble bee and create a cool tattoo like the one shown here, etched on the leg. The flying, small bumble bee and the red ribbon stand for the wearer’s freedom from breast cancer. This is an elegant tattoo that shows the bumble bee hovering over a shamrock; a symbol of spirit of service and call of duty. The bumble bee is otherwise a docile insect and only attacks in self-defense; the wearer got the tattoo to symbolize this very trait.
The bumble bee buzzes the song of freedom and duty in the ear of the wearer, serving as a cool inspiration. Picturised as a fairy, the flying bumble bee looks very adorable and stands for the readiness with which the insect performs her duty. The artistry of the tattoo maker must be saluted as he has created a fabulous bumble bee tattoo for his client. The girl shows off her bumble bee tattoo that she got on her back as a mark of love for the cute insect’s non violent nature. A black and grey bumble bee tattoo, done on the leg, stands for the fact that the wearer is an action oriented and dutiful person. This girl got the bee tattoo on her thigh to give vent to her ambitious nature and express her desire to lead.
The lovely insect is a favorite of many and they get them as tattoo just because they love the look created with it.

The bumble bee is also a symbol of vulnerability due to its non violent nature and expresses this very trait of the wearer.
Nice bumble bee, created on the arm, stands for the organized and structured life style of the wearer. Pretty and small bumble bee tattoo, done on the foot, looks sweet and stands for the blissful nature of the wearer.
Done on the foot, the bumble tattoo acts as a source of inspiration for the wearer due to its dutiful nature. Wrist displaying the bumble bee design makes for a catchy tattoo piece and symbolizes the structured life of the wearer. All of us know that insects are quite popular as tattoo designs and in the last few years they have found new kind of interest from men and women alike.
The bumble bees are known to possess a cute look and display the same when they get carved as tattoo.

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