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My eight-year-old nephew set me straight about the rumored effectiveness of tomato juice to get rid of skunk spray. The skunk is a nocturnal mammal that has jet black hair with prominent, white stripes that run down its back. No they don’t hibernate, however skunks are dormant for about a month during the coldest part of winter.
Skunks discharge musk from the anal gland, are capable of firing several shots, and can spray 10 - 15 feet with amazing accuracy.
Skunks that become a regular danger or nuisance need to be carefully live-trapped and removed.  This should be left to a professional to avoid being sprayed. Raccoons are omnivorous, eating both plant and animal foods, such as fruits, nuts, berries, grain, bird eggs, insects, small rodents, etc.

Skunks amble down the side of the road at twilight, disappearing into storm drains or under a neighbor’s deck.
Contrary to popular myth, raccoons do not always wash their food before eating, although they frequently play with their food in water. The body of the striped skunk is about the size of an ordinary house cat weighing about 8 pounds. Field and house mice are regular and important items in the skunk diet, particularly in winter. Sometimes dogs, cats, or other animals that have been sprayed by skunks move under houses and make owners mistakenly think skunks are present. But I still stepped out of the enclosed shower this morning and was hit with a subtle eau de skunk.

Important thing is he’s perky and eating and bouncing around the beach again, nibbling on sand crabs. These insects include grasshoppers, crickets, and beetles.Some animals make up the regular diet of skunks such as house mice field mice. However, when there is not enough food they eat cottontail rabbits, rats, and other small mammals.Skunks have large feet and powerful claws strong enough to dig deep into the ground to seek food.

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