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Silverfish are slender, wingless insects, shiny silver in appearance, approximately 10mm long with three, long bristletails at the end of their body. Silverfish are scavengers and can cause damage in the home by eating materials such as wallpaper, or books and other materials that are high in protein, sugar, starch, cereals. Tell tale sign of silverfish include scales, excrement, or yellowish stains on paper or fabric. Yes, treatment can also be carried out professionally by Pest Control technicians, contact us and an appointment can be made.

Prior to carrying out treatment against silverfish, a thorough inspection or survey of the property, site or area should take place to decide on the extent and size of the infestation.
Adjoining areas should also be included in this survey (as silverfish may travel from other areas to feed or drink then return to a harbourage).
PROTEC PEST CONTROL MANCHESTER will treat the silverfish infestation using bait stations in safe locations. Protec Pest control can arrange to treat your silverfish problem, and offer a 24 hour 7 days week pest control service.

The detection and thorough treatment of all ant hiding places is a job which requires experience in order to completely eradicate the infestation and prevent recurrence.

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