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If you have been stung by a scorpion in Las Vegas, there are a few steps that should be taken to treat the sting, and alleviate your pain. With the scorpion’s venom speeding up your heart-rate, it’s critical that you remain calm after being stung. Pain, swelling, burning, numbness, and discoloration are all possible reactions to being stung by a scorpion. If at all possible, and if it can be done safely, it helps if you can bring the scorpion into the hospital with you. Any questions or concerns regarding scorpion stings can be directed to Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222. While Bark Scorpion stings can be deadly, most are comparable to the sting from a bee or wasp. Las Vegas is world renown for its awe inspiring mega resorts, its entertaining shows, and hopping night life.
Thanks to Las Vegas’ hot summers, dry winters and rainy springs, pests like ants, scorpions, crickets, roaches, spiders, bed bugs and termites all call Vegas their home. Often mistaken for its similar cousin the brown recluse, the desert recluse is another dangerous Las Vegas pest.
The most recognizable of the Las Vegas pests also happens to be one of the most common… and the most dangerous.
If you are seeing scorpions, black widows, roaches, desert recluses, or any other Las Vegas pest near your home or property; take action! Bulwark Exterminating recently got a call came from the producers of A&E’s hit show “Flipping Vegas,” and were happy to help out with a very dangerous problem.
The “Flipping Vegas” team purchases an abandoned home on the outskirts of Las Vegas that comes complete with unwelcome houseguests… Very poisonous bark scorpions! The “Flipping Vegas” Ugly Coyote House episode was the fourth episode of the show’s second season.
Since the housing bubble burst in 2008, the Las Vegas housing market has been flooded with unsold and foreclosed properties.
Each year millions of visitors flock to the entertainment capital of the World because of Las Vegas’ daytime family friendly attractions and it’s nighttime entertainment.

If you are seeing scorpions in or around your Las Vegas, NV property, get professional help… Just like Scott Yancey and his “Flipping Out” team did. Pests like scorpions, spiders, rodents, and silverfish love hiding out among your boxes of Christmas decorations. Pest control article on how google’s local pest control results in the google map section. Summerlin Pest Control results are being spammed with fake addresses for Summerlin Pest Control. So, let’s say you have determined you have been stung by a scorpion by demonstrating some of the common symptoms and signs.
A licensed physician will determine the severity of the sting reaction and suggest what additional treatment may be needed, including possible scorpion antivenom. Under these conditions it would be best to seek medical assistance immediately; after a suspected scorpion sting.
Prevent scorpions from entering your home and hanging out on your property with professional Las Vegas scorpion control. Hiding in the tiniest, darkest, places it can find, the desert recluse is a threat to Las Vegas homeowners; because of their toxic bites. Crickets are the most frequently called about pests in Las Vegas, according to a recent survey by Bulwark Pest Control. A Las Vegas pest control company will exterminate the existing household pests, and prevent others from making your home theirs.
Despite all the drama and unforeseen roadblocks (like scorpions), the team always finishes what they start – leaving behind a beautiful new home, and excited new homeowners.
One of the most venomous scorpions in the country, the bark scorpion, happens to found all around the Las Vegas valley. You likely store these boxes in a garage, in your basement, or in the attic; all places Las Vegas pests love to hide when the weather cools. In most Las Vegas scorpion sting cases, the likely culprit will be an Arizona Bark scorpion.
You begin to worry because you know that Las Vegas is home to the very dangerous and very common Bark Scorpion.

Although rare, scorpion stings have lead to respiratory failure, coma, organ disease or failure and even fatality.
When referring to Las Vegas cockroaches, we are specifically talking about four different species.
Las Vegas scorpions unleash a painful sting that can leave you incapacitated for hours, even days.
With the help of Bulwark Pest Control’s experienced Las Vegas exterminators; and their unparalleled scorpion truck service, the team was quickly able to solve the scorpion problem and resell the once scorpion infested home for a profit. A bark scorpion sting may only cause a small reaction in adults, but children or seniors could suffer a much more serious reaction if stung; including possible death.
Its unfortunate that Google’s results are being manipulated by fake addresses and fake pest control companies. The American cockroach (also known as a water bug), the Australian cockroach (a littler version of the American), the Oriental cockroach, and the German cockroach are the four common Las Vegas roaches. Las Vegas homeowners are reminded of these common pests when they start their loud chirping at night. But lately there have been reports of people finding many scorpions in their garages, homes and beds. Professional spider control services can keep these nasty pests from building their webs anywhere near your Las Vegas property. Not only are these cockroaches found infesting your homes, they also infest Las Vegas restaurants. Professional scorpion control can keep these dangerous Las Vegas pests away from your home. Because they reproduce so rapidly, they can be found in huge numbers in and around Las Vegas homes. Professional roach control methods are needed to eliminate these pests from our Las Vegas homes.

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